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Mini Nail Haul

When I made the switch to cruelty free products, I thought I got off lucky with nail polish. I think I only threw out 3-4 colors, some which were very old to begin with. However, I wasn’t 100% informed about all the qualifications of being cruelty free. My main problem was that I had no idea about China enforcing animal testing on all products sold in their country. So my main brand, Rimmel, had to undergo more investigation. They are a cruelty free brand, where they don’t test on animals themselves. HOWEVER, they are willing to sell in China, and thus have accepted testing being done on their products. Thanks a lot guys T-T. So that resulted in half of my collection being tossed.

So what better reason to do a little haul than to replenish my lost stock? :3

I’ve definitely been longing for the fall goodness I had back in the states. Not much of that really exists here in Hong Kong- pumpkin pies, apple picking, layering up clothes, and watching the leaves change color is a thing of the past for me. A girl can still dream though, right? In the meantime, I chose my colors so I could have some sense of autumn in my daily look.

The main brand I purchased from is Zoya. I never heard of them until I did my research online, but they are a company based in the US, founded by a couple originally from Russia. Their story is rather interesting- Zoya and Michael had no intention of starting a company for nail polish. Zoya was originally trained in classical piano. The market for a pianist in America wasn’t great though, so she turned to a rising market: cosmetology. With Michael being a chemist, and after obtaining a Cosmetology license, they combined forces to create a line that was high quality, minus toxic chemicals commonly found in nail lines ( toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP ). This was definitely a selling point for me, so I made sure to invest in Zoya for most of my basic nail care: base coat, top coat, and nail polish remover.

I only purchased one color from the Zoya line, Channing. It’s part of their Fall Collection- Cashmeres and Satins. I mean….. just look at it! Orange with a gold undertone, with tons of shimmer. This color will be great to use as a backdrop for some jack o lantern faces :3.

The other line I picked up two colors from is China Glaze. You can definitely get some good deals from this line at drugstores, just need to keep your eyes peeled. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I went with Ingrid (a taupe with gold shimmer) and Goin My Way (bronze brown with golden shimmer). Both are from an older line, but are perfect for fall in a more subtle way. I feel like these two I’ll have more of a chance wearing all year long. If you’re interested in these colors. Check out Amazon- they’re about 40% off. Gotta love a deal!

Are you rockin’ some autumn nails? I applaud you if you can do a clean manicure- I just go in hoping for the best, hehe. Hopefully I’ll get some more practice as I do more blog entries. Keep your pretty fingers and toes crossed!


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