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Golden Wonder smells like Pez

Seriously though. These smell AMAZING. This is my first Lush Christmas, and I’m stoked for all the new scents :D. This is actually the same scent as a previous year’s limited edition Christmas shower jelly called Snow Showers. Also, these guys are flippin HUGE. Some people like to break their bath bombs into portions, to get the best bang for your buck. But these have a special surprise on the inside, and I think you may ruin the pretty way it dissolves in your bath if you take a hammer to it.

For now, I have mine displayed in the bedroom, hoping the smell will fill the room (without infecting everything with it’s glitter!). Have you started your Lush Christmas Haul yet?


3 comments on “Golden Wonder smells like Pez

  1. beautytherapystudent
    October 20, 2013

    Have you tried the celebrate body lotion? If you love the smell of this – you will love the body lotion as it has the same scent 😀

    • blushingbiddies
      October 20, 2013

      Actually I just got a little sample of it! They sold out in store but still had their sample pot I could try out- it smells great 😀 Plus, it’s their first lotion with NO preservatives! Huzzah!

      • beautytherapystudent
        October 20, 2013

        haha it is indeed 😀 I also love how rich it is just for the winter months when you need that extra bit of help all the more! Enjoy x

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