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Apivita- Propolis Face Mask (and lots of math!)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s face masks. Slathering it on and just basking in its goodness is not something to scoff at. It’s my favorite part of my skincare routine, and I’m always on the hunt for more. Seriously, I’m just insatiable in this category, be it high end or DIY. Lucky for me, I have an Apivita store at the train stop next door here in Hong Kong, and access to all the varieties they offer. Have you SEEN all the options?!

Yeup, 22 flippin options!

I decided to go for the one with propolis. Propolis is what bees make to glue their hives together, and has antiseptic properties just like honey. So when the associate noticed my acne (c’mon, it’s hormonal acne lady, cut me some slack!), she reached out for this one as her recommendation. I was happy to give it a go- especially since I was preparing for a trip overseas and wanted to have something on hand if my face needed some treatment ASAP. Did I mention that in a box are 12 sachets? And for me, I can get 2 uses out of one sachet! So I feel like I’m really getting the best bang for my buck.

ugh sorry for the blur >0<

This mask is a clay mask, but in no way is as aggressive as most conventional clay masks can be. After washing it off, my face never felt tight or agitated, just really clean. I only left it on for about 10 minutes- they specifically mention not to let the mask dry completely. I make a DIY clay mask with powder and water, and that stuff is definitely a chore getting off my face. Apivita’s formula is NOTHING like that though! I can get it off easily with just water and my hands.  Did I mention how this feels when it’s on your face? There is definitely a… not tingly… but WHOOSH refreshed feeling as all the ingredients go to work on your skin. Also I noticed a slight warming action, but neither of these feelings were painful or irritating.

Propolis isn’t the only ingredient working here, this mask also has helichrysum and lemon. What the hell is helichrysum? It’s a flower ( part of the sunflower family) and is known for it’s antibacterial properties, just like the propolis. Plus it’s rumored to face scars, which is perfect for those with acne-prone skin. It’s also great for more sensitive skin types because it is so calming and soothing. As for lemons, they’re delicious. Oh, and they also help fade scars and help create a more brightened complexion. I definitely felt like my face was clean and refreshed after using, and I never had more breakouts afterwards. Plus, any acne I had at the time of application has always gone down, so I do believe this mask is pretty effective!

For my leftovers, I just scoop it into a clean Lush sample container. Make sure you keep it as compact as possible, you don’t want it over a large surface space because it will dry out! I would definitely use the leftovers as soon as possible. The packaging mentions using this make 1-2 times a week. Being as gentle as it is, I could easily use my leftovers the next day, or the day after.

I’ve been traveling a little more recently, and these masks are perfect to pick and choose exactly what you want and have a perfect amount for your excursion. I think I’m going to go as far as to bring one of these on the plane the next time I fly and do a little pamper session. 14 hr flight + dry air cabin + bored April = I need something to take care of my skin! Lucky for me I did pick up some of Apivita’s Cucumber Intensive Hydration Mask just for this 😉 Maybe my husband will join in on this, so I don’t have to save my leftovers. Hahaha…. probably not XD.

Apivita masks have Blushing Biddies’ seal of approval! Now, as the title promised, let’s get to the math!

-If you’re in the US, I’ve heard people buying the express beauty packs of 2 sachets each at Sephora. I just checked Sephora’s website, and they also have the 12 sachet boxes at $30.00 (doing the math… I can get 2 applications out of 1 sachet, so you’re paying $1.25 for each mask, getting a total of 24 uses!). They don’t have all the mask options on Sephora’s website though. You can also order from Apivita’s website, having the options to mix and match with the 2 sachet packs at $5 each, or just commit to a 40ml tube at $17. (more math! A sachet has 8ml each. So the 12 pack sachets have a total of 96ml of product. So if you use the same amount I’ve been per application, 4ml, the tube will give you appx 10 applications. Not a bad deal either way, but you get more bang for your buck with the 12 sachet pack. If you don’t wanna commit to just one mask, maybe the tube will be a better investment for you.)

-If you’re in the UK, I’ve heard Apivita has been selling their masks at Marks and Spencers. The 2 sachet packs are at £3.00 each, unless you reach for a mask in their Gold line, which bumps up to £5.00. If you go for the tube version, that starts at £13.00. If you order directly from Apivita’s website, the 2 sachets start at £2.98, and the tubes at £9.37 (WTF That’s so much cheaper than M&S!).

-Lastly, if you’re in HK, there are TONS of Apivta kiosks and stores, which is a good thing because there is no website to purchase from! My 12 sachet pack cost $290 HKD, and I DID NOT see any other option aside from the 12 pack. So unfortunately you don’t get to mix and match like how the US and UK can. The good news though is they have samples of every mask out for you to smell and try- who knows, maybe even try a session in the store! (Lil’ math here too, so each application comes to appx $12 HKD. Yes PLEASE!)

Alright, now my brain is all tired. I’m half asian, and my mutt-white dad is fantastic with math, but I didn’t inherit this skill from either side T-T. So time to relax with a drink! :3


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