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Makeup Geek (MUG)- I wanna haul! (and current eyeshadow collection)

I’ll be back in the states soon for Thanksgiving, and I’m planning out all my purchases with the wonder that is the internet. I’ve already done some damage at Sephora and placed an order through Toms (comfy shoes FTW!). During my time internet window-shopping I somehow stumbled across Makeup Geek- both a person and a makeup line. It seems like in the eyeshadow line, there are a ton of dupes for current MAC colors- and MAC isn’t a cruelty free company. So then I got all curious and excited and decided I wanted to try some colors and add to my collection. Also, BAJEEZE, each MAC eyeshadow is $15 per pot, where MUG goes for $5.99!

So let’s take a look at my eyeshadow “collection”. Mind you, it isn’t that grand:

Yeup, I just have two palettes for all my eye shadows. There are a lot of colors- but I’ve definitely have a growing curiosity to try out more!

Tons of colors I’m into here- just a little bit of a pain getting these out, and not very “creamy”

Another selection of beautiful colors, definitely do love this palette

Now that autumn is upon us, I want to try more colors outside my “neutral” zone. I’ve been seeing a lot of brunette beauty bloggers reaching for the green tones. I’ve never done that, but gosh-darnitt now I wanna join the “it” crowd!

MUG- Dirty Martini

I thought I was gonna learn towards the darker greens, but I really am liking this color! Mixing it with some neutral browns doesn’t seem like an impossible task either.

MUG- Bitten

I know, I know, this color looks crazy intense for someone who loves neutrals. If anything, it looks more like a lip color… that would also scare me away, LOL. But I think with a light hand and some strategic placement, this color could turn out fantastic as well.

MUG- Sensuous

I promise this is the last “bold” color- but purple isn’t an off-the-wall color for eyeshadow, especially brown-eyed brunettes. The gold shimmer in there seems perfect for the upcoming holidays for the end of the year. (I see flecks of gold, but the website says silver? Did I just go color-blind? O_o)

Along with these bold babies, I definitely have my eyes on some more neutral colors (Shimma Shimma, Prom Night, Hipster, Homecoming, Twilight, Bling). So with my growing list, I think I would need to keep everything in one of those handy Z Palettes everyone has been talking about. Lucky for me, Makeup Geek’s site sells Z Palettes from their shop too, so I don’t have to place two different orders, huzzah! I have my eyes on the “Small Dotted Leaf”, which is a Makeup Geek exclusive!

MUG exclusive- Z Palette Small – Dotted Leaf

I’m probably going to place my order soon, because I’m impatient and I don’t want a color I’m interested to be out of stock! Do you have any colors you absolutely love? Here’s a link if you wanna stop on by and take a gander-

Last note: MUG does ship internationally! I’m just going to send to my home in the states because S&H will be cheaper 😉 Good thing for me though if I want to try more after testing these colors out first!


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