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Sample…Tuesday?- Celebrate lotion

Ugh, I can’t stick with Sundays, what’s wrong with me?! Moving on- Celebrate is one of Lush’s limited edition Christmas items, so make sure to check it out before they’re gone!

Unlike other Lush lotions, this one is preservative free! That combined with the same heavenly smell of Golden Wonder bath bomb, and I was ready to buy. Yet when I went to my local Lush store, they were already sold out! Lucky for me, their sample pot was still pretty full, so they packed me up a sample and I was off  to give it a try.

I was warned that this formula was rather thick, so I waited for a day that I felt like my skin would be parched and ready for some TLC. A day came up where I needed to take a really hot shower (stupid muscle aches), and I didn’t forget my sample. Once I turned off the water, I reached for this little guy and went to work. Surprisingly, it was enough for my entire body. The smell was heavenly, very citrus-y and sweet. The description says “an intoxicating blend of orange flower, lime, benzoin and cognac oil”, yum! Although WTF benzoin is, I have no idea. After I had applied it all over, I knew I would need a little time before it dried. First five minutes passed, then ten, waltzing around the apartment in the buff. Sorry biddies, momma has to be naked- for a review’s sake! Yet alas, the damn lotion never dried! I tried rubbing it into my skin a little more, hoping that might help it absorb into my skin, but EWWWWW the tackiness started to combine with my dead skin and it just started to roll up into little pieces. *shudders* At no point did I ever feel clean. Rather, I spent an extra five minutes rubbing as much of it off my body as I could. I’m pretty sure whatever parts I missed, it absorbed into the clothes I wore that day.

Regular size = 7.7 oz

US: $29.95 UK: £12.95 (** alcohol free version online) HK: $225

Bottom line: Blushing Biddies thumbs DOWN. Too pricey for something you just wanna rinse off anyways! I can only see this being really good before going to bed, maybe for your body, but mainly your really dry bits. Don’t plan on hording this either because of the lack of preservatives! If you love the scent, go for the bath bombs instead 😀


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