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Blushing Biddies cruelty free guide

Ugh. Research. It can definitely be a pain. Especially when you find a company’s website stating they’re cruelty free, but then you find out they sell in China. GRRRRRRRRRR! But don’t worry, I feel your pain. Let’s compare notes and see what we agree on.

1- Cruelty free means no testing on animals at ANY stage, by the supplier, company, or country it is sold to. (I’m looking at you China… grrrr!!!!!!!)

2- I try to stay with companies they aren’t owned by parent companies that test. Re-read that sentence: I TRY. There are some exceptions, like Nars (owned by Shiseido) and The Body Shop (owned by L’oreal).

3- If I’m not sure about a company’s policy on animal testing, I write them an email with these questions:

  1. Does your company or manufacturer test on animals?
  2. Do any 3rd parties engage in animal testing on your behalf?
  3. Do you use ingredients that have been tested on animals (many companies use suppliers that test the ingredients)?
  4. Do you sell products in China or any foreign market that requires animal testing?
  5. I notice that you aren’t on the do/don’t animal testing list for PETA- can you explain why? Is there a reason you don’t want to sign up for this listing?
  6. Also with Leaping Bunny, is there a reason you don’t apply and use the cruelty free logo? Or at least state “not tested on animals”/”cruelty free” on your packaging? People that are cruelty free are VERY appreciative of this, so we have a definite answer from the company instead of trying to dig all over the internet.

4- I try to keep a list of my go-t0 cruelty free companies that I know I can buy from on my phone. I don’t give in to temptation and buy a company’s product that I’m not 100% sure about (mainly because I’ve made this mistake TWICE already and had to get refunds… in HK… which can be difficult, LOL). If you don’t have a list, I highly suggest bookmarking these websites on your phone so you can check:


So far I have a pretty good go-to list, including: Nyx, LUSH, Nars (owned by Shiseido), Soap & Glory, Lipstick Queen, Fresh cosmetics, Apivita, Wet n’ Wild, Sleek, Zuii Organics, Collection, Bourjous (owned by Chanel), Topshop, Tarte, Josie Maran, ECCO skin care, Acure, Michael Todd, Aesop, Antipodes, The Body Shop (owned by L’oreal), Now Solutions, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Barry M, China Glaze, Zoya, and Real Techniques brushes.

Not sure about a company? Want me to email them? Just drop their name below and I’ll get on it! (currently I’m asking Lorac and Bliss). Hope this helps out!

Hope this list proves helpful to y’all! As a reward for stickin’ with it, here’s a picture of IB from a few Halloweens ago. squeeeeeee X3

How could you test on a lil’ guy that’s THIS CUTE?!


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