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My new scent- Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid

UPDATE: Victoria’s Secret is no longer cruelty free. Read more about it on Logical Harmony’s post here
I’ve been on the hunt for a scent different from my norm- fruity sweet and uplifting. Especially for the colder months, I really just had the urge to jump off the citrus boat and go for something heavier, with a bit of musk. It felt really difficult searching for a new scent, especially a cruelty free one. You can’t just go into Sephora or Ulta and expect to find what you need, knowing it hasn’t been tested on animals. I also couldn’t just trust myself to buy something off the internet without actually smelling it.  After what seemed like a couple months, I stumbled into my local Victoria’s Secret and tried EVERY SCENT and FINALLY found the one: Seduction Dark Orchid.

Mind you, I have a -ton- of scents from Victoria’s Secret ( Sexy Little Things, Sexy Little Things Noir, Noir Tease, and a couple discontinued scents I have horded back in storage in the states). I don’t know why I was trying to find something outside there store, it’s been soo good to me all these years!

Seduction Dark Orchid’s three main scents labeled on their packaging are Midnight Orchid, Crushed Plum, and Oud Wood. I feel like the wood and a pleasant musk smell is predominant, followed by a just-sweet-enough plum combined with a matching floral. This is exactly what I’ve been hunting for- THE SEARCH IS OVER! Of course I got suckered into a promotion at my HK store where if you buy $690 HKD or more, you get a free tote. So I picked up the box set that included a 50ml perfume, a 100ml “fragrance wash”, and a 100ml “fragrance lotion”. I figure on date nights, I can really layer up this scent, and let it waft through the entire apartment. Hopefully the biddies won’t mind it :3. I also picked up a separate lotion, which I’ll be sure to write a review about later, once I give it a go for a week or so.

(sorry about the quality, had to use my iphone camera!)


Do you have a scent you’re crazy for? What is your preference- floral, citrus-y sweet, musky, clean?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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