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Nail combo: Milani and… F21?

Oddly enough, I was planning to just paint my nails with the Milani #26 Rapid Orchid, but something happened. You see, I just went back to the states for Thanksgiving, and kinda did a major cosmetics haul… and ended up with a lot of nail polishes. What I thought would be just me using a Forever 21 glitter on my accent nail quickly escalated into just transforming all my nails. Tacky? Too much? Honestly, I’m in LOVE with this combo!

The base color is a dark, warm purple/magenta that appears black with just a brief glance. I guess the fall/winter trend of plums and berries has really hit me hard. Then on top is one of the polishes from a set of 4 holiday box from Forever 21. In this no-name there’s a holographic micro-glitter along with a slightly larger silver glitter. In no way is the glitter “chunky”, that’s still a scary thought for me!

What do you guys think? Do you like this combo? Or is my jet-lag ruining my proper judgement?


One comment on “Nail combo: Milani and… F21?

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