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Sample “Sunday”- Apivita Women’s Tonic Shampoo for Thinning Hair

I know, I know, I’m really failing miserably at this whole Sample Sunday bit, aren’t I? Just hear me out. I was overseas for Thanksgiving festivities, and that already took all my time away from me. On top of that, I left my camera with my husband, who is still in the states, while I’m back in HK with the biddies. To top it all off- I actually had a product, ready to go. Somehow I aquired a sample from Boscia, but then after already testing it out and having a review, I found out they recently took out they’re cruelty free statement on their products. Most likely to sell in China, at least that’s my assumption. *sigh* So I had a couple hair products I wanted to test run, but I’m not the kinda gal that shampoos her hair everyday, so it took a little longer then planned.

I think I know one of my many New Year’s resolutions for 2014: get Sample Sundays back on track! So it’s a couple days late, but here we go!

Behold, Apivita’s Women’s Tonic Shampoo for Thinning Hair! I don’t have super fine hair, nor am I balding. Rather, I shed- A LOT. I’ve been doing other tips and tricks to try and prevent hairs lining my sink drain, such as:

  • You’re hair is weakest, and most likely to break, when it’s wet. So don’t tug, aggressively comb, or get rough with it when it’s wet!
  • After showering, don’t turn your head over and rub aggressively with a towel.
  • Also, don’t wrap your hair up after a shower! The weight of the towel, along with pulling it, it not helping at all! Rather, wrap your head with a towel, downwards, loosely. Think of a nun’s veil. Yeup.
  • Although many people believe air drying your hair is the best thing for it, the longer you leave it wet, the longer it is vulnerable to breakage. Use a heat protecting spray and blow dry your hair. The most important thing is the roots.
  • Give your hair a break from tons of product. Hair spray doesn’t help against breakage.
  • Don’t pull your hair up in a pony tail 24/7! A braid is much more gentle. Or at least go for a low-setting pony tail.
  • Although I mentioned blow-drying your hair, don’t get too crazy with the heat tools.
  • Ever think of supplements? I take Evening Primrose Oil capsules every day, to help with hair and nails.

Alright, back on track here. So seeing there was a shampoo specially for thinning hair (as opposed to the usual “volumizing” products I try to go for), I was definitely intrigued. I’m already a fan of a few Apivita’s products, including shampoos and conditioners, but I was slightly skeptic of this product. From their website, they have a lot of information:

  • Helps revitalize hair follicle, strengthens and nourishes thinning hair with lupin, laurel, ginseng, vitamins, trace elements, neroli and clary sage
  • Cleanses in depth without irritating scalp with system of mild surfactants and saponaria
  • Moisturizes hair and soothes scalp with honey, aloe, lavender
  • Bio Cotton Protection System (cotton+oligosaccharide+arginine), an exclusive innovation of APIVITA laboratories, works to strengthen hair texture and improves elasticity, forming a protective shield against environmental damage
  • Ideal for cases of seasonal hair loss, especially during spring and autumn

Exclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces water in the PROPOLINE range with rosemary infusion to offer antioxidant, toning, antiseptic and anti-irritant action.

I was a little confused at first, because in the title, this is a TONIC. Was I supposed to use this in combination with my shampoo and conditioner? Or kick out the shampoo? The website didn’t give more specific directions, so I used this in place of my shampoo and followed with a conditioner. The first thing that hit me was the scent- it felt like Christmas in my shower! I think I’m going to place blame on the laurel for that. Getting it into my hair, it did form a nice lather. Yet I couldn’t get out of my head that the scent did smell more masculine than anything, and was afraid I was going to have the smell with me all day. It’s pleasant, but just manly. I let it set in my hair for a couple minutes, rinsed out, and reached for my Lush American Cream conditioner. It’s not really a favorite, but the scent was why I grabbed it- strawberries and cream is definitely more feminine than laurel and pine. Luckily my conditioner did do the job, and I wasn’t getting any overwhelming scent from the tonic anytime afterwards. I did notice during my shower and afterwards when I dried/combed/blow dried, I didn’t have as many loose strands as I feel like I usually do. Maybe Apivita is on to something?

Regular size = 250ml

US: $22  UK: €11.80 HK: blargh they don’t have an online website, I’ll have to run in a store and check. Stay posted!

Bottom line: I don’t think this product is an instant-fix for thinning hair, and that you’d have to stick with it for a while to see improved results. But I would be willing to take the challenge. This, combined with my hair care tips, it probably better than what the average joe is currently doing with their hair care routine. At least one step in the right direction is better than nothing!



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