Blushing Biddies

A look into beauty, that doesn't harm our furry friends

Cleaning your brushes

When was the last time you gave your brushes a deep clean? Soap & water, squeezing all the water out, making sure water doesn’t go up into the barrel, drying at a tilt, you know the deal, right? I try to “deep clean” (vs. spot cleaning) once a week. What’s your schedule? I have a small collection at the moment: my Real Techniques Blush and Expect Face Brushes (also have the stippling brush), a generic eye set from F21, Nyx’s B15 Smokie, a lip brush, and a double-ended eye brush from H&M.

What kills me is I hauled some new brushes from the states but they’re in my “haul suitcase” my husband is carrying for me… who is still in the states. I want muh brushes! T-T Just a couple more days, must be patient…


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