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Zoya: Ziv

Part of my haul back in the states included a 3-mini polish set from Zoya. The first color I decided to try out of the trio was Ziv, and honestly I’m a bit torn with this one. It wasn’t hard to apply at all, and it’s opaque in two coats. But…. I don’t think I like how the color of the polish looks against my skin. I’ve heard of a few beauty bloggers having this kind of problem before, but this is my first time bumping into it! When my nails are reflecting in the light, I think it looks great. If it’s not reflecting anything, and showing it’s “true colors”, I tend to feel ‘meh’ about them. Is that shallow of me? LOL. I think the whole problem is that it’s more of a warm tone, where I usually lean towards cool toned colors. The effect is gorgeous though, a gold color with a grainy, foil texture that comes out smooth over the nail, and blingy as hell. Which is perfect for the holiday season, if you ask me! Have you ever had a polish you ended up not being the biggest fan of? I hope with time, I can… warm up to the color…. herp derp 😛

Zoya “Ziv”, $9 USD for a full-sized at


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