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Mixing up face masks

It was a few months back, but Lush had a campaign that showed everyone’s face is different, and there is a face mask for each person’s need. Even if that person had to mix and match on their face. By mix, I don’t mean incorporate two masks together and then slab it on. Rather, place the right mask on the targeted spot on your face. Lately I’ve gone off the pill, and my hormonal acne is in full swing. The affected area is really only my mouth and chin area, so I wanted to try mixing things up. I went into a Lush to turn in my 5 black pots for a free face mask, but got a consultation first on my new acne problem. She suggested Love Lettuce. I was also curious about the new seasonal mask, Rudolph, which is supposed to be very hydrating. She was so nice to pack me up a sample pot, so I went home with the intentions of trying both out at once.

Why am I making that face? LOL

The dark green is Love Lettuce- it’s a very soothing mask, yet it also has ground almond to help with exfoliation. Both benefits worked fantastically on my troubled areas. As for the lighter color, Rudolph, it helped make sure my face didn’t dry out. I used to use facial oils as part of my night routine, but I had to cut them out with the new problems. At least with Rudolph, I was able to get some moisture back in. I don’t know about you, but Rudolph was rather hard to wash off- which is where Love Lettuce’s exfoliating bits came in handy! At the end, I really did have a mixture of both masks all over my face, LOL.

Have you ever tried two masks for one pampering session? I think mixing and matching is a fantastic method to really zone in on what your face needs, and it may become normal for me if this “phase” doesn’t go away. Just keep your fingers crossed for me!


2 comments on “Mixing up face masks

  1. Benita
    December 20, 2013

    I just got the Rudolph Mask can’t wait to try it out x

  2. theoxfordowl
    December 22, 2013

    Haha, I’d never thought to mix and match them! I’m loving the two tone effect 😛

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