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Nail Art Glitter Placement = “Snowy Day”?

Oh yeah. I thought I was cool enough to delve into the world of nail art. What was I THINKING?

  • Individual glitter placement along the cuticle took forever. Yes, I did both hands. Yes, one hand is better than the other.
  • I like it better in pictures than in person.
  • I guess I went for abstract. Think of snow lining a rooftop, and having a snowy day. Yeup. Abstract.

Oh well, no big damage done. Just an hour of my time, but I have plenty of time! I would like to revisit this method in the future. I heard about it through one of my favorite beauty Youtubers, MissHollyBerries. She did a video tutorial on this method here, and I fell in LOVE with her nails. Do you have what it takes to give it a go?


3 comments on “Nail Art Glitter Placement = “Snowy Day”?

  1. mintymilky
    December 23, 2013

    It looks really pretty!

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