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Happy Boxing Day! Lush Haul

Lush is not very well known for having a variety of sales throughout the year. Actually, they only have one sale a year, on Boxing Day (aka the day after Christmas). Depending on where you are, they have some special sale on their holiday items. For the UK and HK, all holiday items and gift sets are set at 50% off. As for the US, they have the popular BOGO sale on the same set of items. The sale is available both on their website and in store, which is greatly appreciative for those who just need a day to relax after the holiday festivities. As for me- I made sure to hit the store as soon as I could. I actually got to my local Lush store within an hour of them opening, and was welcomed to a rather empty store. I really didn’t know what to expect here in HK- usually the crowds are to much to bear! I guess the locals were needing the day to sleep in. No complaints here, it pretty much let me have first dibs on all the goodies.

A not-so-exciting pic of my haul

Lucky for me (and unfortunate for anyone reading), they wrapped up each bath ballistic and bubble bar individually. Surprisingly enough, this is the only area I really dabbled in. I thought maybe the gift sets might be a better deal, but I -only- wanted these, not any of the soaps or FUN bars, so buying things separately turned out to be the better deal. Just to list off my haul:

  • Snowman bath ballistic x2
  • Father Christmas bath ballistic x2
  • Christmas Eve x4
  • Secret Santa x1

I already tried out the Cinders bath ballistic and the Lord of Misrule bath ballistic (review to come soon), and didn’t really feel the need to repeat those. The Christmas Eve bubble bar though… oh lordie! I’m usually a citrus-scent gal, but the light floral scent has me hooked. It’s especially great because I take my baths in the evening, and the scent is just so relaxing. Plus, I can break these apart easily and get 2 baths out of each bar, so it’s safe to say I’m covered for a while. Father Christmas covers my need for sweet, fruity smelling things, where Snowman is a mild, creamy scent that will really give my skin some proper TLC. As for Secret Santa, well that thing is just so friggen’ huge, I’m curious how it will turn out!

Did anyone else hit the Boxing Day sale? I think the sale goes on until products are sold out (don’t hold me to that, I’m not 100% sure!), but I’ve been reading products on the Lush North America site have been selling out soo quickly! I bet hitting a store is your best bet. Enjoy your Lush haul, let me know what you got! Happy Hauling!

PS: I forgot to mention, the HK stores now have the Lush Times in ENGLISH. HAPPY DAY!



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