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Lush: Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Go figure I bought more things from Lush. This recent trip was all about holiday bath goodies. I usually go for the sweet, citrusy scents, but the associate I chatted with introduced me to Christmas Eve, and I was in love!

First, let me start off with the fact that I’ve always been a bath ballistics…babe? LOL. I’ve never been too interested in the bubble bars. But when the associate brought this to my nose for a whiff, I was just smitten instantly. It’s a very soft, floral fragrance of ylang ylang and jasmine. In no way does it have that “grandma” floral scent, it’s just more relaxing and soft. And the packaging- I just love how simple and sweet it is. Sometimes when they get really detailed and big, it’s hard to split up to use for multiple baths. This guy was super easy to break into chunks, which I decided to use half for my bath.

I’ve tried Lush’s bubbleroon before, and I felt like the bubbles were severely lacking. So I went into this prep with some serious hesitation. Christmas Eve really came out swinging though- the bubbles were FLUFFY and did not disappear through the entirety of my bath (appx 20 minutes?). And the scent? Ohhhh the scent… it was perfect, and I felt like it never really faded. I think my faith in bubble bars has been restored!

Christmas Eve is a limited edition item for the holidays, so make sure to stock up! Especially on Boxing Day (Dec 26th), Lush usually does a BIG sale, so make sure to get to your Lush store and check out the deals. This will be my first Christmas with my Lush obsession, let’s hope I don’t do too much damage! (* Lush HK will be doing 50% off Christmas items it looks like, definitely make sure to get your fill!)

US: $7.45 UK: £2.95 HK:$60.00

Bottom Line: I MUST HAVE MORE! :3


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