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Julep Haul! Warehouse Sale (up to 75% off)

Thanks to all the beauty bloggers, I was able to keep an eye out for sales after Christmas. Nothing really caught my eye, until I saw someone post a link for Julep. They’re a nail polish brand that I’ve had my eyes on, but haven’t tried a polish from yet. Other beauty gals seem to like them, and they claim: “Julep Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. Our professional chip-resistant formulation is fast drying and highly pigmented.” Plus they’re cruelty free, and only sell & ship to the US and Canada (so no worries about products being sold in China). Their Winter Warehouse Sale has a TON of selection, not just on colors, but on pairings. Some sales are in bundles of 2 or more, and some you can just buy separately. I’m not familiar with what’s come out when, but I went for the singles (a couple of the trio-packages went to “Sold Out” even after I put them in my cart! T-T). Let’s look at my haul!

  • Nan- a nantucket red creme
  • $14 -> $2.99

  • Lisa: a warm pebble grey creme
  • $14 -> $2.99

  • Helen: a smokey pastel lavender creme
  • $14 -> $4.99

  • Kylie: a sultry violet frost (metallic/chrome)
  • $14 -> $4.99

  • Courteney: a key-lime green creme
  • $14 -> $2.99

  • Demi: a deep dark red creme
  • $14 -> $4.99

  • Diane: a dark forest green creme
  • $14-> $4.99 (** this was an add-on at the end of my purchase I could buy at this discounted price)

Wanna know the sad bit though? They only send to US and Canada, so I have to wait until February until I can see these! LOL, oh well, I got a great deal and I’m happy to wait it out a little. There are TONS more colors, be sure to check them out ( Winter Warehouse Sale ). Don’t wait too long though, their sale is on only until the end of the year (5 days left!). Happy Hauling, look forward to some nail pics of these in the near future :3


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