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A Nars Haul

I received most of my Christmas gifts in the form of cash this year, and decided to treat myself to a more expensive cosmetics line. Also it’s very hard to find a variety of cruelty free makeup here in Hong Kong. Snarf. I’ve always loved my velvet matte lip pencil from Nars, so I decided to revisit them and see what would catch my eye.

** To some, Nars might not be considered cruelty free. The company itself is, but their parent company, Shiseido, is not. Long story short- Shiseido decided to stop animal testing -themselves- earlier this year in March, so they can sell their products in the EU and Israel. HOWEVER, they still want to sell in China, which requires animal testing on products sold there. So technically Shiseido isn’t conducting the tests, but rather are allowing it to happen so they can reach another market. Nars doesn’t conduct any animal testing, and doesn’t sell in China. None of the testing that happens on Shiseido products are being done on Nars. So based on this information, I consider them cruelty free. My one exception is with their brushes- I don’t want to buy brushes with animal hair, even if they claim it to be cruelty free. Besides, Eco Tools and Real Techniques has me covered in that area anyways.

Love the Nars logo

I was definitely at the Nars counter for quite some time, playing with all the goodies they had. Eye shadows, lip colors, skin care- sometimes I feel bad if I hang around too long, LOL. I even had a consultant help me find a color match for concealer. It feels nice to be pampered! Ahh, but anyways, let’s get down to the goods:

My first haul was:

  • a concealer stick
  • a satin lip pencil in Golshan (red color)
  • a velvet matte lip pencil in Bahama (pink brown)
  • a single eyeshadow in Ondine
  • a free sample

I definitely did the most damage here. I thought I was going to be the more interested in the liquid concealer rather than the concealer stick, but having the consultant apply it on and show me the difference, it was pretty clear that I needed more coverage for my acne scars. I might be exchanging this though, it did end up being a pretty penny just for concealer. Especially when I have Nyx available, I might try to explore a little more there, and get another color of something at Nars.

L to R: Dolce Vita, Golshan, and Bahama

Next up are the lip pencils. If you’ve never tried them, I highly suggest getting to a Nars counter and playing around with them. The mattes have incredible staying power, even through meals and drinks, and both the satin and the mattes leave a nice stain once they wear off. To the left, the matte lip pencil Dolce Vita, is one I’ve had for a long time. I was searching for my wedding color lipstick, and this was -really- similar. As a dusty rose, I really think this is a color that can work on anyone. Having such good luck with this color, I tried out the satin lip pencil Golshan. The satin pencils go on SOO SMOOTHLY, and the color is absolutely fantastic (“spiced wine”). My only complaint is the wear on this pencil- for some reason, this color didn’t like to stay on my lips, and tended to bleed outside my lip line. Maybe it’s just me though, I haven’t read any other beauty bloggers having this problem. I’m really happy with the color, and am fine working with a lip liner to keep things in check. Last but not least is the matte pencil in Bahama. From the color on the end of the packaging I wasn’t too impressed. Once I got the color on my lips though, I literally exclaimed to the consultant “I MUST HAVE THIS.” Hope I didn’t come off too crazy, LOL. This color is a “my lips but better” color. I see me having a beautiful relationship with this lil’ guy. Nars describes the color as a perfect blend of pink and brown.

The last bit from my first haul is a single eyeshadow, Ondine. I completely blame Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup. I’ve seen her rant about this color a few times on her blog, and I made sure to keep an eye out for it at the counter. It really is just so beautiful, a plum with shimmer, it was actually kind of hard for me to place an actual color to the swatch I did on myself. It isn’t a strong “plum”, definitely more of a taupe color. Whatever it is, I can easily do this as a one-sweep color over my eyes. Love love LOVE.

Of course I had to look online and investigate a little more. I’ve really been wanting a red/burgundy eyeshadow, and found there were some options. I thought the eye trio I wanted was online available off their website (which doesn’t ship to HK), but I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped by a different counter and spotted the EXACT product I wanted in their tester bin.

DON’T BE DECEIVED- The darkest color is not THAT red, more burgundy.

I believe this is a eyshadow trio that came out for a past Valentine collection, but this is Douce France, Icy pink / Rose petal pink / Deep rose. All mattes, no shimmer- I can’t WAIT to get these on my eyes!

Do you have any Nars favorites? I am thinking of taking the concealer back and getting a different color of something… hmm…. eyeshadow or lip pencil? It’s soo hard to choose!


One comment on “A Nars Haul

  1. shani
    January 15, 2014

    I have the Radiant Creamy Concealer and actually love it. I had a different one I was using for acne marks and just started using this one for all.

    I was hoping Last Tango would be a good nude for me, but it was *too* colorless. Maybe Bahama is a better choice! I’ll have to try it on!

    And I read Vivianna Does Makeup, too. 🙂 I haven’t seen her talk about that color, but it sounds killer. Off to find swatches!

    Shani x

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