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Rant #1- Get your facts straight

Big Biddy’s version of a facepalm. I feel ya, girl.

So recently I’ve seen two beauty bloggers post information about brands being cruelty free… when they really aren’t. This kind of stuff drives me up the WALLS. Ask my husband, he saw my cranky fit last night. I understand people can be wrong, everyone’s human and no one is perfect. It’s just frustrating as a blogger, because I want to get the real facts out to people. Yet to see beauty bloggers who have a large following make claims that aren’t true, think of how the viewers who aren’t in the know will process that information. “Oh, Beauty Guru A told me this is cruelty free, and they love this product! I’ve gotta try it out now too!” *facepalm* One of these beauty gurus was on Youtube, and I wrote in the comments the updated information I think she needed to know- but that isn’t going to change her video. To be fair and argue both sides, even with all the cards on the table, she still may believe the brand she was promoting still IS cruelty free, in her standards. Everyone’s standards are different. Let me lay the situation down on this specific topic:

Is L’Occitane a cruelty free brand?

  • Beauty Blogger: Yes they are, and they have fantastic policies and don’t test on animals. Plus they’re working with the Chinese government on getting them to reconsider their animal testing requirements.
  • Me: Nnnnnnope, they sell in China. Looks like Shanghai loves them with all the stores they have. Even if they’re working with the government, they set up shop in the one place where testing is a requirement. L’Occitane doesn’t test on animals themselves, but they are allowing their products to be tested on by the government.

The blogger wrote back to my initial comment (how L’Occitane isn’t cruelty free because they sell in China, and all products sold in China are required to go through animal testing) pointing out this link, which did shed light on how the company is working with the Chinese government on abolishing required testing. “Note that our company does not conduct those tests in China; they are done by Chinese laboratories, approved by local authorities on a restricted animal panel.” – Yes, props for the company not doing testing themselves, but they are stating that they allow the government to proceed with their regulations of animal testing. How can someone claim to be cruelty free when they KNOW that their products are being tested on? Just because they aren’t personally doing it doesn’t wash their hands clean. What boggles me is, why do they even need to sell in China? Is it because they feel like they’ll appeal more to the government, knowing they’re still selling in their country but want to show them that animal testing isn’t a necessity? Another statement from the same L’Occitaine webpage states “Unfortunately given the limited economic and political weight of L’OCCITANE, ceasing to sell our products in China will not do anything to change local regulations.” What. The. Hell? I don’t know about you, but to me this just states “We can’t afford to not sell our products in China.” Why is it that tons of companies are willing to change their cruelty free policy based solely on China? Regardless, this is where the toss up is. Do you choose Debator A’s position, where buying from L’Occitane is okay because they are working on a solution, even if that means their products are going through the testing they are currently fighting to abolish? Or do you choose Debator B’s stance, where any testing done is just wrong? Different strokes for different folks.

Just to be clear, I hope to write about products that are in no way tested on, EVER, on animals. Now the topic of parent companies is a different argument. I’ll leave that for rant #2

Oh, as for the other beauty blogger, it’s kind of the same, but with the Origins brand. They claim to be cruelty free, but love the little disclaimer “except when required by law”. *sigh* So since they’ve set up shop in China, they are “abiding by law” to have products tested on, even though they don’t personally do it themselves. Cruelty free? Not in my book.

What says you, reader? I’m curious as to other people’s thoughts about this, as I don’t have many cruelty-free comrades to rant to.


2 comments on “Rant #1- Get your facts straight

  1. carolinecocker
    January 15, 2014

    We need more transparency in this area, as well as more awareness regarding what animals go through. Companies should be made to display a logo that categorically states whether or not their product (and ingredients) is tested on animals either by that company or any other. They shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind jargon. I hate the ‘we do not test our product or ingredients on animal, unless required by law’ line the most.

    • blushingbiddies
      January 15, 2014

      Amen girl, preach it! It really is such a pain- all for a testing method that ISN’T REQUIRED and completely out-dated. *sigh*

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