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I love even numbers, so I’m hoping to love 2014

Biddy love for 2014!

I hope 2013 ended on a good note with all of you. I’m SO ready for 2014! Don’t get me wrong, 2013 wasn’t awful for me… but it wasn’t the greatest year either. 2014 on the other hand- well, hopefully me, my husband, and the biddies will be moving out of HK. Where to? No idea! Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later. But by April, we should be somewhere else in the world. Seattle, I hope we’re coming to you! A girl can dream.

I have a few resolutions for this year, and I find writing them out publicly is a better chance of getting me to actually stick with them. So let’s take a gander!

  • Loose 10 pounds. Yes, everyone has a resolution about weight-loss. I just want to take some weight off in a healthy way, without any crazy diet. Eating smart and some sort of exercise is the route I plan to take.
  • Earn some sort of income. I’ve been out of the working world for quite some time- hope 2014 I can get my foot back in the door somehow, be that either getting a job or making a job for myself!
  • Put a video up on Youtube! Yes, I really DO wanna put my face out there. Let’s just let this hormonal acne calm down a bit first, LOL.
  • Buy my own domain name. Oh snap- DONE! No more .wordpress, hehe!
  • Go as cruelty-free as I possibly can. I mean other things besides cosmetics- detergent/softener, dish soap, cleaners, hand soap, THE WORKS.
  • Work on my Japanese. I really would like to go somewhere with my Japanese abilities (note to anyone majoring in this in college:do a DOUBLE major, just Japanese doesn’t cut it in the workplace now-a-days)
  • Not to be wasteful with groceries. I’m really bad with throwing away certain groceries I don’t get to before their expiration date/before they rot. Grrr, shame on me!

Let’s hope 2014 will be a year I’m SUCCESSFUL in my resolutions!


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