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US Haul part 1: F21

So if you’ve been keen to details, you’ll remember I was able to go back to the states for Thanksgiving. Yes, we’re talking way back then. I couldn’t go back for Christmas too, that’s a lot of moolah (plus the distance- HK to O’hare, 14+ hrs, no fun!). So we did Christmas early, and I did a BUNCH of haulin’. I’m breaking them up into bits, but the first place I hit was Forever 21. We have a F21 store in HK too, but we don’t seem to get any of the makeup like the US store does. I kinda do the creep online, checking out what’s available and make my lists. After checking things out in person, this is what I walked out with:

Not a lot, granted. Keep in mind I hit a LOT of other stores later, and space was limited. First up, the 4-pack nail polish set. I didn’t have any high expectations for these polishes, but they’ve actually been great to work with! I used the one on the far right in my glitter placement manicure here, as the smaller glitter pieces. I also used the same polish here too, which still is a favorite unexpected combo of mine. Keep your eyes peeled for more nail posts with the other 3. As for the lipsticks, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with lip crayons. I was really attracted to the color on the left- it’s very similar to Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Honey” (which was my wedding lipstick color). The F21 colors are definitely more pigmented, and don’t have a glossy finish, but I’m still a big fan. They aren’t moisturizing, rather slightly on the dry side, but I really love the color payoff.

ew, my hairy hand, sorry guys

So the good news? These kits were really affordable! Both were under $10 each, and that’s for a bunch of products. The bad news? I just checked the website, and I don’t see either pack available. Don’t fret though! F21 has a BUNCH of other options available in their beauty line- brushes, nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, palettes, the list goes on! Check them out online here. As for the UK, I don’t see any actual makeup on their online site… I’ll keep an eye out for you guys!


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