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US Haul part 4: Target

It’s DEFINITELY not a trip home unless I can stop by Target. I think of all the stores not available in ‘The Kong’, this is the one I miss the most. I love -everything- about Target: clothes, shoes, home-ware, groceries, and MAKEUP. Even though I picked up a lot of things, I think I spent the least amount of money here.

Can you tell I like ELF? ^^;;

Yes yes, ELF is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Not only is it crazy affordable, but I have definitely found some of my HG items in their line. See that eyeshadow primer? That’s a backup, because I still am using one I bought last year. I’ve used Urban Decay’s potion primer, but ELF’s eyeshadow primer is just as good. And it’s only $1.00. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I don’t know what does! My other HG (holy grail) item is a product I didn’t buy a backup of (but it’s in my makeup kit right now) their Lash and Brow clear mascara. Again, just a buck, and keeps your fluffy brows in place. As for some other items, I’ve tried the Daily Brush Cleaner, and it works well enough. It’s my first cleaner I’ve tried, so I don’t have much experience on the subject, but I can clean my brushes, and the smell isn’t offensive at all. I haven’t tried the primer or the makeup mist & set spray. So many products, what’s a girl to do? XD

The “meh” and “kinda a bummer” ones

Keeping with ELF products, here are two that I just wasn’t crazy about. First, one I know I just don’t like- the Eyebrow Kit. The only reason this didn’t work is because the colors don’t match with me. The one I bought is in Medium, but I didn’t see anything darker. Oh well, maybe I can pass this on to a friend. As for the product on the left, that’s the Translucent Matifying Powder. I don’t think it’s bad- I just don’t use powders at all, and I didn’t really see it help me. I’m still going to try and work with this one though, I do have a friend that really likes it.

This blush stick I actually received as an early Christmas gift from my friend. She told me how much she loves it, and how it smells like pink lemonade. Wait, what? That’s just the name, right? I soon tried it and thought the exact same thing! The smell is super sweet and girly, and the application is pretty much foolproof. It’s not creamy, but it still blends over your cheeks easily enough. Some may prefer to blend with a brush, but I think fingers are the way to go with this guy. I’m a big fan, and know I will be reaching for it a lot with spring right around the corner.

Another part of my gift was this beautiful polish from Sonia Kashuk- blank slate. The color is flippin fantastic- although we may not all agree on what we see. -I- see a cloudy grey with a tinge of purple. Yet my friend (and a lot of the internet) says it’s more a tinge of blue. Whatever it is, it goes opaque with 2 coats, and lasts for quite a while. I’m on day 3 and there’s no chipping. One thing to note about Sonia Kashuk polishes is that the brushes are rather thin. I thought I was going to hate this, but it actually helped me get a cleaner application.

The last part of my gift-palooza from my friend was the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral- Matte/Shimmer eye palette. I was SO excited for this palette you guys- I actually asked my friend to get it when it became available and I was planning on reimbursing her, but she was kind enough to give it to me as a gift. The shimmers are nice and creamy, with good pigmentation…. but the mattes…. *shudders* Oh man, the matte colors are AWFUL. Mostly chalky, the mattes are pretty much a nightmare. Especially the white- look at the picture above. I couldn’t get ANY PRODUCT to come out of that little pan! I eventually resorted to violence and started poking the end of my eyeshadow brush in to try to get something, -anything- to move. Once I busted some bits out, it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t going to apply over my eyelid. If I were to do the “perfect palette” tag on YouTube, this one would go down as Biggest Regret, no question.

Triangle of Awesome!

Let’s bring this post back around to a happy note! My haul wasn’t a failure- I came out with a bunch of products that I love. I’ve already mentioned the eyelid primer, cheek blush stick, and polish. One product I bought based of all the positive reviews online was the Small Stippling Brush. Coming in at a whopping $3.00, this brush is fantastic for cream blushes. It applies just the right amount, and makes it look so smooth and even. The other winner is the Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted. This color is just stunning! This color makes me think of summer, a bronzey-gold shade with a nice shimmer. It’s not a creamy texture, but applies smooth and easy. I actually can’t wait till I’m back in the states so I can grab some more colors.

Wait. What’s this? I don’t have any other hauls from the US? Oh sweet lord thank you I was starting to feel some shopper’s guilt. Seriously though, I’m pretty happy with what I stocked up on. My makeup collection doesn’t look so slim now. Time to play around with some looks!






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