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A random day with me!

“Again April, no beauty bits? Harumph!”

Awwww, c’mon friend, let’s get to know each other! I pretty much started this blog while keeping out of sight, but I wanted to change that and let you get an idea of who I am. Aside from being passionate about living a cruelty free lifestyle, I’m a bit of a geek. Oh, and biddy-enthusiast too. For today though, I thought I’d let you have a look into a day out with me and my husband, Adam. We aren’t the kind of couple who’s always out on the town, but we do like to keep an eye out on events and activities. Hong Kong is especially great for that, there is always something going on. I found out a certain art exhibit was just about to close, and thought it would be pretty neat to check out. Not just any art exhibit, but a more modern interactive show. There was a highlight piece in each room, and I believe there were a total of 10 rooms. The whole reason I wanted to visit this exhibit though was for one room, that I only knew about from this picture:

C’MON, it’s like an adult play-pin! Supposedly each balloon is supposed to change color when you touch them. I kind of felt like Alice running through the rabbit hole as I made my way through this specific exhibit. Oh, and all the photo-ops!

Hey hey! It’sa meeeee, April!

And my husband, Adam. Isn’t he darling? XD


After the exhibit, we took the ferry from the island-side to the mainland-side and went on a technology hunt, and ended up having Dim Sum for dinner. You guys, brace yourself: my first video. I never made a video before, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! Sit back, enjoy the tunes, and see what it’s like from my point of view :3

** I’ll be posting more videos up on my Youtube page soon too (not just vlogging, but Empties, tags, and beauty bits), so make sure to subscribe to stay tuned! 😀


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