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Sample Sunday: Aromatica

It feels like forever since I last did a SS, but I have my reasons! I looked in my samples jar, and realized there aren’t many left to write out! So I’m trying to space them out a little more. Plus I’m about to move internationally, and samples are really the last thing I need to use up- I gotta get through my full sized products, yikes! I really wish I didn’t buy soo many Lush products… that have clearly written expiration dates…dyarrrr…

Anyway, back to the goodies. I got my hands on these two samples in a rather hilarious way. I was out shopping, looking at some products, and a lady came out of NOWHERE and slaps some product on my hand. You can imagine a variety of reactions, I’m sure, but all I could think was “what the hell is this on MY HANNNDD??”. It also didn’t help that the associate barely could speak any English! I looked at the product she was holding and made the connection- it was a hand lotion, whew! Also, random note: I HATE IT when someone puts a lotion sample on my hand before I can take my rings off. GRRR! After weening some information out of her, she noticed I was looking at some organic skincare, and she was showcasing a specific organic brand, Aromatica. So I reluctantly followed her to her stand and browsed her selection. I told her my skin type ( pretty normal, a little more acne prone), and then she looked at my face. I think she suggested a few products to me, but I was already slightly miffed, so she put two samples in my hands and let me go on my merry way. Mind you, this was a couple months ago. Anywhoo, I walked out with a serum and a gel cream.

remember how I said I have normal skin? and she gave me sensitive skin products….*sigh*

Both of these products seemed rather light, so I decided to use them in the morning. After cleansing and toning, I reached for the serum fully titled “Rose Absolute First Serum”. I cut the sample open, and the smell of roses was definitely noticeable and very pleasant. The consistency was very watery, which I actually tend to favor for a serum instead of having a silicone-y slick texture. It didn’t sink into my skin immediately, but it didn’t feel heavy on the face. Then I moved on to the cream, the “Sea Daffodil Aqua Gel Cream”. Sea Daffodil? Such a thing exists? *shrug* Obviously not a cream, this is actually my first time using a gel cream as my moisturizer. Even though I don’t like a heavy moisturizer, I like the consistency of a cream much more than a gel. Even as I touch my face now, it just feels a little…. off.

I can see both of these products being fantastic for someone with sensitive skin. I actually am pretty on board with the serum (it feels better than the one I’m using now from Aesop), but the gel cream I could live without. I wish I could find more information about the company, their products, and their ingredients- but here’s the thing. So when I received this product, there’s English on the front and Korean on the back. Also a website- but of course when I went there, it’s all in Korean, and my Korean is nowhere near that kind of level. So after some internet digging, I found two things: 1- there is a US website, but they don’t have all the products on their site D:, and 2- This company is actually from Australia, and exported into Korea. Then from Korea, they were considering selling in China, but with mandatory animal testing brought up to them, they immediately shut plans down. *happy dance* Yeah, information overload, sorry y’all. If you’re interested in their products, you can peruse through their website here.

Hope you’re “Superbowl Sunday” is a good one for you football lovers! It’s still Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong, but I’m just layin’ low with the biddies. Take care! ❤


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