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The Purge

I’m indoors, wearing a scarf, and I’m not happy!

So the news it out: I’m out of Hong Kong, and I had to pack up and sort out all my goodies. Clothes, house wares, and personal items all went into certain piles: sell, save, pitch, or keep. It was kind of a daunting task taking on my beauty products, and I didn’t think I had as many items to throw towards the pitch pile, yet to my surprise many items I was still holding on to aren’t cruelty free. I did my first sorting of cruelty free/ not cruelty free items back in May 2013, and I thought I went through a lot. Yet looking at the picture up above, I’m still surprised at how many items I had tucked away! I wasn’t even using them, I was just hording them for some reason. I should of realized with my initial ‘purge’, I wouldn’t get everything out of my life. This kind of lifestyle change is something you learn new things about every day. Plus, parting with items you paid good money for is kind of rough! Don’t be deceived though, along with the non-cruelty free items, I also had many items that I just fell out of love with that WERE cruelty free. Let me try and break it down for you guys:

First off, not cruelty free nail polishes. The reason why this pile is soo huge is because of Rimmel. They claim to be cruelty free, but you have to read the fine print of “The only exceptions are the very few countries where, by law, the regulatory authorities require us to submit our products or ingredients to them for testing on animals as a mandatory part of their regulatory protocols in compliance with their local regulations.”. I could rant and rant about why I hate companies using this phrase as a scapegoat, but I’ll stick to the topic at hand. The two bottles with the pink handles are from Etude House, a Korean cosmetic company that hasn’t made a claim on if their cruelty free or not. Instead of constantly guessing, I’m happy just sticking with the companies that I know are cruelty free.

Oh my goodness, all the dust… that’s just embarrassing D:

Another item that isn’t cruelty free is this perfume I have from DKNY. I love the scent, but I use it sooo sparingly ( I think I’ve had these since 2004? Yeesh!). When I did my initial purge, I didn’t event think about factoring in perfumes. It’s actually really hard to find brands that fit the bill! At the moment I’m sticking with scents from Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, and I’m doing just fine 😀

I made sure to browse through my makeup collection and see if it was up-to-snuff. A lot of Rimmel again with the lippies, but very easy to let go.

Foundations and concealers are pretty easy to think of when you’re going through your make-up collection, but another group I didn’t even think of checking was my deodorant. I’m trying to steer clear of anything with aluminum in it, so bye-bye Degree. As for Biore, they were a brand I loved for their face/body wipes if you were sweaty or ‘not-soo-fresh’. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I was surprised I didn’t have a lot of products in my eye makeup to toss, but both Clinique and KATE aren’t CF, so out they go!


Of all the products that aren’t cruelty free, these 4 were my exceptions of items to keep. The Clinique eye shadow duo and lipstick in Black Honey are two products I am genuinely working on, and not just trying to tuck away. They fall into the ‘I paid good money for these’ group, and are a little harder to pitch compared to a lot of other products I picked up at the drugstore. As for the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Honey, it holds a close place to my heart because this was the color I wore on my wedding day. Once it’s gone, I won’t repurchase it, but I want to use it up and be happy thinking back to my wedding day. And lastly, Fresh’s sugar lip treatment. I just wrote a cranky post about how I just found out they aren’t cruelty free here, but I’m working through this sample size just to enjoy my last moments with it. I actually only have about 1/8th of it left, soo close! 

The “good guys”

These last three aren’t on the chopping block because they test on animals- no no, these three ARE cruelty free. Rather, they all have something not going in their favor. The NYX eye shadow base is just an awful product, it will crease on you in a minute. As for the Urban Decay primer potion, this lil’ guy is just really old AND I’m more fond of it’s cheaper dupe, E.L.F.’s eye lid primer. F21’s blush was nice for the first 24 hours I had it, but then the product broke. I doubt it’s really worth trying to bring it overseas, so it was just easier to say goodbye.


It was rather refreshing going through the purge-process again, and I’m really happy that only 4 products in my entire collection are the only exception of being 100% cruelty free. I plan on stocking the new home with house supplies that are CF too, stay tuned to see how it all comes together! Also, thanks for sticking with me during this time. I’m armed with my iphone and ipad, so posting is definitely going to be random!


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