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Which washcloth wins?

As I’ve dabbled more into exfoliating and using masks, I’ve realized how helpful a washcloth (AKA: rag, muslin cloth, flannel, etc) is. I never thought a cloth with a specific size, made from specific materials would end up being such a big deal. Yet as I held a washcloth I purchased from Boots in my hand, my first realization hit me: this thing is flipping -huge-. I had no idea why the washcloth I was using was soo big. Especially in comparison to some washcloths I purchased while living in Japan- why was this one from the UK so huge? Also just to note- I was using my Japan washcloths for a while, but as I got into clay masks, I didn’t want to stain them. C’mon… look at how cute the design is! So in an effort to preserve my cute lil’ washcloths, along with an effort to cut down on buying more, I took a pair of scissors to my large one I purchased and cut it into 6 pieces.

Look at how big that ONE piece is compared to my cute lil’ washcloth. Goodness!

The next step was to make sure the newly exposed edges wouldn’t fray, so I hand-sewed them with black thread. Keep in mind, this really was putting some extra effort in, but it isn’t impossible for those who aren’t very savvy with their needle work.

not pretty, but gets the job done

I used my altered washcloths for quite some time, until I found that having 6 pieces in my rotation wasn’t enough. Oddly enough, Pinterest guided me to a shop on Etsy called Sew The Love In that specialized in smaller cloths, having different fabrics on each side! I quickly put an order in, and soon I had 10 more perfectly sized wash cloths on hand.

A view of each side

One side is a bamboo flannel, where the other is more like a proper washcloth. The quality in these are fantastic, and I’m not afraid to put them in the washing machine. They’re almost identical in size to the ones I cut and sewed myself, which really is perfect if you’re just washing your face. I still use both kinds, but am more prone to reaching for the blue pieces if I’m going to wash off one of my DIY Moroccan clay masks. I also purchased even SMALLER pieces of cloth from the Etsy retailer and use those instead of cotton rounds for my toner! I couldn’t recommend these alternatives more if you’re interested in a more eco-friendly lifestyle 😀


2 comments on “Which washcloth wins?

  1. briannafee
    March 7, 2014

    I’ve nominated you and your lovely blog for a Liebster Award, check out my post for details 🙂

  2. acasualbeauty
    March 10, 2014

    I think we all hear about these fancy exfoliating products and creams but forget that a simple washcloth is great for such a purpose 🙂

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