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Black Cat Lacquer: Virgo

dyarrr pay no attention to my dry hands, lol Hello, hello! Hope you all are doing well! I did a lil haul from Black Cat Lacquer quite a while ago, and left posting a review about them on the back-burner for some reason. Which is silly because I LOVE this polish!!! Virgo is part of their Zodiac collection, and oddly enough, I’m not a Virgo!. Still, I fell in love with the swatches and knew it had to be mine. Of course I rocked this color in part of my St. Patty’s day manicure! A green jelly with green and gold micro glitter/flakes was perfect for the holiday. Who woulda guessed Virgo was an Irish lass? It was perfection in two coats, and this applied like butter! I didn’t realize it, but gel polishes definitely dry quicker than creams- and last a lot longer too! I bet you I could pull this off for a week straight with very minimal chipping. This purchase definitely has made me curious for Indie nail polish brands, I can’t wait to dive into more!

Black Cat Lacquer “Virgo” $9 USD at


2 comments on “Black Cat Lacquer: Virgo

  1. acasualbeauty
    March 20, 2014

    Great color!

  2. amberandtanuki
    March 21, 2014

    Love that colour!

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