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Twitter Bump!

selfies are not a common occurrence on muh Twitter, no worries!

I know I’ve been VERY MIA here on my blog, but alas- although I’ve moved to Seattle, I have no laptop + no Internet in the apartment. Hopefully all of that will change come the beginning of April, when the Mr. arrives and bring all his tech-goodies with him. Don’t be discouraged though! I have a TON of blog ideas I’ve been putting together in the meantime. Plus, I still post random things on Twitter daily, so you can check me out there! For example….

While I was in Chicago, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves to some Chinatown goodness. Have you ever had these sesame balls? Omg-HEAVEN!

I drink tea pretty much on a daily basis (although with Seattle livin’ comes coffee too, which I welcome with open arms!). This is a blend of two- oolong and jasmine. Seriously, this is pretty fantastic stuff!

I know Twitter isn’t Instagram, but I can’t help but take pictures of my food. Please don’t hate me for that 😛

In other news, I just celebrated my 29th birthday, huzzah! AND the biddies have arrived in Seattle! They’re still adjusting, but it’s going rather quickly! :3 I can’t wait to start blogging properly again. Until then, see you on the Twitter-sphere!


2 comments on “Twitter Bump!

  1. acasualbeauty
    March 20, 2014

    Happy birthday! Love the little tea guy 🙂

  2. briannafee
    March 21, 2014

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the west coast! I’m just across the border in Vancouver 🙂 Brace yourself for lots of rain, but enjoy it because that’s what makes the landscape so beautiful!

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