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Fun with Ilia’s ‘Peek A Boo” lip gloss

Sorry for the heavy blue-green tone in these photos, it just wasn’t my day :/

There are a lot of things I’m new to when it comes to makeup. Contouring and varying eye shadow styles are at the top of the list of things I’m most intimidated by, but not far behind those is lip gloss. Really, lip gloss? You’re that intimidated by lip gloss? Yes, I am! There’s just something about it that doesn’t make the most sense to me. I’m very lost as to what colors I want with that much shine. Plus, anything with sparkles in it makes me just shiver, and not in a good way. One day when I was out and about shopping in Hong Kong, a sales associate turned me on Ilia’s ‘Peek a Boo’ lip gloss. There’s nothing scary about it- just a soft, pastel peachy-nude color. I understood the concept of just applying this color as is, but the sales associate then proceeded to blowing my mind- MIXING COLOR. Say whaaaaaaat? This is probably not rocket science to anyone, but I learned that a neutral gloss like Peek a Boo can transform any bright vibrant shade into something that just doesn’t pack as much of a punch, which is absolutely right up my alley. I immediately purchased the gloss, and went home to experiment with colors in my collection.

yes, I literally wrote a “+” and “=” on my arm. Just for y’all

First up, a color from Forever 21 I received in a seasonal package. This orangey-red color was definitely something that intimidated me on first swatch, but mixed with Ilia’s lip gloss, it transformed into something I actually consider more wearable. So now, instead of applying the original color and blotting off 50% of it off, I can play around with gloss.

Next, a color that I love from Nars, Bahama. I can definitely wear this color alone, but I was curious what the combo would transform it into. The results is so soft and lovely!

Lastly, I realized I didn’t just need to use Ilia’s ‘Peek a Boo’ to tone down super bright-vibrant colors- it just worked well transforming anything! So I went with another favorite color of mine from Nars, Descanso. This is perfect for just a hint of color, perfect for spring.

So the lesson learned: I can use a neutral colored gloss to mix with other lipstick colors to tone them down slightly. The gloss alone is beautiful, but I can’t wait to play around with other color combos. Have you guys ever tried this before? Or do you have any other suggestions for lip glosses that won’t scare me? Be warned, I look at Nyx’s Butter glosses and it just makes my head hurt, because I have no clue where to start! 

Ilia “Peek a Boo” lipgloss $24 USD at

Nars “Bahama” $25 USD at Sephora and Nars

Nars Descanso $25 USD at Sephora and Nars (limited edition)


2 comments on “Fun with Ilia’s ‘Peek A Boo” lip gloss

  1. Coco
    March 26, 2014

    That’s lovely! I’ve always wanted to try ILIA but never order anything because I can’t find enough reviews on their products x

    • blushingbiddies
      March 27, 2014

      I’ve noticed that they’re definitely under the radar, I think it’s because they have such limited availability to play with in person. I was lucky to have a shop in HK that carried a lot of their products. I might put a purchase in for some of their lipsticks soon :3

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