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Almond milk from SCRATCH!

Thanks to Shannon at Glamour Wonderland, my friend and I decided to take her up on the challenge of making Almond milk from scratch! It’s kind of crazy how simple and easy it is. Instead of blabbing on about it, I’ll just let Shannon walk you through it like she did with us in her short video here. I highly recommend doing the version with chocolate powder to make Chocolate Almond Milk- it’s such an insanely delicious (and decently healthy!) treat! I can’t wait to try this again when I get my own blender :3 Sorry this post was soo short, but I really wanted to share with you this awesome recipe. 

** The lesson I learned from this is, if you’re going to use the remaining almond meal, make sure to bake it thoroughly, and not have any large clumps or it WILL mold, quickly. Any moisture = fail!


2 comments on “Almond milk from SCRATCH!

  1. It’s so funny that you say this… I just bought the stuff I needed to make my own almond milk! I’m gonna do it tomorrow. And thanks for the note on using the almond meal- I was planning on making cookies with the leftover almond meal, and now I know that it needs to be used ASAP!

    • blushingbiddies
      March 29, 2014

      LOL That’s crazy! I am so bummed out our almond meal went bad soo fast, but there were some big chunks in there. That’s just the breeding ground for moisture and BLEH! I hope yours comes out well ❤ the chocolate version is serious amaaazing!

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