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My Sephora Birthday Haul

The infamous bag that = awesome

Oooooh snap, when you get a bag this big you KNOW you did some damage! I’m hoping you’re giving me a mental high five, and not waggling your finger back and forth in disapproval. (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

You saw the makeover at Sephora on my last post, but now it’s time to see the goodies I walked out the door with! ❤

*swoons* Ahhh, my new precious-es! Almost all of these were used on me during my consultation, except for the Too Faced lipstick. That lil guy I’ve had my eye on ever since Musings of a Muse posted the new colors back in… I believe January? (If you’re not familiar with her site, she is fantastic about keeping up with the latest announcements and new items. You can check her out here. She doesn’t focus solely on cruelty free products, but I like being informed on all the latest things.) Anywhoo, let’s break this haul down!

First up is the infamous Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Why 2? I honestly just felt like I gravitated towards these colors more than any other palette. Even in comparison to the 3, which is slightly crazy because I’ve always loved pink eye shadow. I don’t have much of these colors from 2 in my collection, which also made more sense versus 3 where I have a variety of different pinks and roses. Plus, the makeup artist used this palette for my eye look and I was absolutely smitten. Once I played with this palette on my own, I was so impressed with the pigment quality! Plus, the blending abilities? Fan-fricken-tastic. The duel-ended brush that comes with is also amazing, and will be the only eye brush I need while traveling. I haven’t opened the eye shadow primer yet, because it’s a weird packaging that’s not the same as the sample-sized tube. Once I run out of my e.l.f. eyelid primer, I’ll be sure to reach for these.

Can we just take another moment to appreciate the beautiful colors here?

The shot that every beauty blogger has done XD

the unexpected purchase

Next up is another item from Urban Decay, the Flushed Palette. I actually wasn’t even aware of this item, and was introduced to it by the makeup artist. I looked inside to find a contour color, a highlight, and a blush. My immediate thoughts were “Ooooo, contouring, I hope this will look okay!” and “I’m not expecting any miracles with this.” Yet after she worked her know-how and magic, I was incredibly impressed! The contour looked natural, not too orange and not to brown. This is a fantastic color to introduce yourself into the world of contouring if you’re a little bit intimidated. I don’t think the highlight is as fantastic as others I’ve used, but still its nice and gets the job done. As for the blush- wow! I really wasn’t expecting anything from the color, but it really is just so beautiful and fresh. Anyone can pull of this shade. As I write this, I feel bad neglecting this palette. Hopefully I’ll remedy this problem soon!

I was very curious about Tarte’s CC primer stick when it first was announced. Not only was it great that it was a primer with color, but it also has a unique aspect to it- within the stick are slivers of green and purple, claiming to help fight redness:

The full claim is, “brighten skin, even skintone, blur imperfections, and neutralize redness and discoloration“. For me, it definitely evens my skintone and tones down any redness I have, which is usually around my nose and chin. I really did end up enjoying this product, because I like the “no makeup” looks, even if my imperfections may show. In no way is this going to complete cover up any acne scars or blemishes, but its just enough to where your face feels smooth and looks even. Plus, no nasty texture due to any added SPF, which is a big thumbs up in my book (I tend to use SPF in my lotion, I don’t need the extra in my makeup.). I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this product, but the bottom line is: if you like full coverage, don’t get this. If you like a natural look and don’t care about 100% perfection, this will work well for you. ❤ Just an extra note too: I actually like the look of this when applied with a brush versus just fingers. Weird? Maybe.

The package is just so perfect. A+ on everything!

Do you remember seeing this back on my Craves list for January? I can’t believe I waited soo long for this, but it was absolutely worth it. To be specific, this is in the color Pink Chocolate. I absolutely adore pink-brown colors. I feel like this color was made for me, LOL.    (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。.

I can’t say anything bad about this! It’s creamy and smooth, the pigmentation is fantastic, and I will probably cry buckets when I use it all. I plan on doing a “date-night” look with this color, so stay tuned 😉

** I have one item I COMPLETELY forgot to add into this post that I did purchase on my birthday from Sephora- I’ll give it it’s own post sometime this week, so stay tuned. Hint: It’s Pisces perfection for the nails! **

I feel so spoiled buying soo many products at once, but I really have missed Sephora. I could not get any of these items in Hong Kong, and I feel like holding off for 2 years was definitely long enough! If any day you should treat yourself, it’s your birthday, right? Riigghhtt…. XD




One comment on “My Sephora Birthday Haul

  1. briannafee
    April 11, 2014

    That lipstick is gorgeous!! I’ve heard great things about the formula

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