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Finally got my hands on some Nyx!

And the make-up gods smiled down upon me, and said, ‘you can has.”

Now a days, Nyx is somewhat a hard item for me to get. Well, at least in regards to their butter glosses and butter lipsticks. I actually do have access to their line via Nordstrom Rack and my local City Target- but I’d much rather purchase them from Ulta. There I have access to the entire collection (where the other stores don’t carry the butter glosses or butter lipsticks), and can actually play around with testers. Plus, Ulta usually has the best bang for your buck. They always have the $3.50 off a purchase of $10 coupon in their flyer, and I like to accumulate points that I can use as cash later. So after adjusting to my new surroundings here in Seattle, I found out where my new “local” Ulta was, and hopped on a bus to get my hands on some goodies! I didn’t go too crazy, but I’m very happy with my purchase.

First up, the infamous Butter Lipsticks. I did a post about these way back in January when they were first announced, and I thought I would want Lollies, Fun Size, and Pops. Well, at least I was right about one! I did end up grabbing “Pops” (L), and I promise you it’s not brown. Once you look at the product instead of the packaging, you can see a hint of mauve mixed in. This kind of color is my MLBB shade, and I can’t get enough of them (remember Too Faced’s Pink Chocolate? Ohhh yeah). The other color I picked up is on trend for this summer, “Hot Tamale” (R). As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my baby steps have led me to this color. Not a true orange, nor a true red, but perfectly in-between. What I like about these lipsticks is that they’re very opaque, but you can lightly apply them if you don’t want a full face of color. Application truly is buttery smooth, and they leave a slight stain on the lips. Some of the colors in the collection were flops as I swatched them, but they’re definitely worth playing around with. Especially at the price tag of $5.99, they’re definitely worth it and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. Definitely have my eyes on some for when autumn hits ❤

Next up is a cult favorite from Nyx, the butter gloss. I was actually really intimidated by these, because the color selection is so vast! Plus, I’m very new to the world of glosses, and I’m just not sure if they’re my cup of tea yet or not. I decided to take a chance on “Peaches and Cream”, a warm pink. I was thinking of summer when I picked out this color, as I usually tend to stay away from warm shades, but this just seemed so inviting. All the raves about the butter glosses are true: the vanilla scent is heavenly, they’re not very sticky, and the color payoff is lovely. I may not go crazy on the butter glosses, but I do know I need a few more in my life.

Have you tried any of the butter lipsticks or butter glosses? If you have any recommendations that you think would work well on me, I’m all ears! I’ll leave you with some swatches ❤

top to bottom: Peaches and Cream, Hot Tamale, Pops              ** the picture developed a little on the warm side

** in direct sunlight


4 comments on “Finally got my hands on some Nyx!

  1. acasualbeauty
    April 19, 2014

    Looks great! I have a couple NYX lipsticks I haven’t tried yet since I’m being very patient and waiting to take pictures of everything first haha

    • blushingbiddies
      April 19, 2014

      Omg I do that too lol!

      • acasualbeauty
        April 19, 2014

        Yeah I’ve had some things for what feels like a very long time but I feel like i need to wait! Although a lot of the times with lipstick, for some reason my pictures don’t come out the first time so I end up having to take the pictures again after I’ve already swatched/used it anyways haha

  2. Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)
    April 20, 2014

    I still haven’t tried to NYX Butter Glosses, I really need to. I don’t wear lipstick too regularly but the Butter lipsticks are pretty tempting, too. I can definitely see myself agonizing over which shade to select, googling swatches for hours haha

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