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Lucky Lady #1: Too Faced

I know everyone must have that feeling that they never win anything, and I’m right there with them. I’ve never had that much luck, but when I started thinking about it- I never really tried hard for something that is all based on chance. For example, if I’m in a raffle, I might just enter once, where people who are really aggressively trying to win may enter up to a hundred times or more. I’d like to think that I’m not spamming a contest by entering only once, but I’m also not putting everything I’ve got into it as well. Anyways, I don’t know how I managed to stay true to my beliefs and actually just get LUCKY, but within the past 2 months I’ve been in the winning circle for two different giveaways here in the internet beauty communities.  Considering I won beauty products, I thought why not make a post on what I got? Next post this week will also be a giveaway winning, so I’m going to start a new category called Lucky LadyWho knows, maybe I’ll get this post to go up to number #10? That’ll be the day! 

For the first giveaway, the prize was a very generous package from Too Faced: the Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer, and the Teddy Bear Hair brush set. I was so excited to receive this package in the mail, as a bright pink box was handed over to me.

Unfortunately, the bronzer wasn’t in the package, and they had to send it shortly afterwards once I got back in contact with the contest running site.  Still, no worries, a win is still a win! I heard about the Teddy Bear Hair brush set when they first were released in the beauty community, and was hesitant to buy them on my own because of the mixed reviews. The common verdict on these were that they were decent enough, but not impressive to replace anything in people’s current collection of brushes. Luckily for me, my collection is very small!

L to R: powder brush, contour brush, all-over shadow brush, blending brush, and pencil brush.

I don’t have much to say about the powder brush, only because I don’t use any powder! Only recently have I gotten my hands on the Hourlgass Ambient Lighting palette, so I’ll hopefully report back soon with how the brush works for me. As for the other 4 brushes, I’m pleased enough with them. The contour brush is the most unique one in the pack, as the flat angled shape is perfect for adding a darker color to the outer corner of the upper lid. I don’t like to use it directly in the crease- that’s where I might reach for the blender. Might, being the most important word there. Usually I go for one of my EcoTools brushes for putting color in the crease. I haven’t done much with shadow liner, so the liner brush has been somewhat ignored too. However, it’s such a nice tip, it easily gets the job done. The all-over shadow brush is decent enough too, and it’s usually a toss-up from using this or my EcoTools Full Eyeshadow brush. All of these brushes stay in my brush mug, but originally they came with a cute gold with pink-hearts zip pouch. It’s very cute.. almost TOO cute for my tastes XD Honestly, I would of been happier with one more brush or tool instead of having the bag. Just a last note too- these brushes are 100% cruelty free, the name Teddy Bear Hair is just a cutesy idea 😉

The other prize was Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil medium/deep matte bronzer. Using a bronzer is DEFINITELY foreign territory for me, but I do want to practice and learn! I have one other bronzer/contour color in my collection (in the Urban Decay Flushed palette), and I hope to work both into my routine soon. The packaging of this is beautiful, and holy moly- the SCENT! It’s not called Chocolate Soleil for nothing! There truly is a chocolate scent in the product, since cocoa powder is one of the main ingredients. I hope I can get the hang of contouring sooner rather than later.


I hope this doesn’t come off as bragging, I just want to share with you more cruelty free products I’ve gotten my hands on. Plus, it gives you a better understanding of how I got things- if I spend money on something, usually it’s because I’ve tested it and really wanted it. Yet through a giveaway, it could go either way. I hope I’ll like these products though, fingers crossed! Let me know if you’ve ever won any giveaways in the comments 😀 And if you’re entered in any now, may the odd ever be in your favor. X3


3 comments on “Lucky Lady #1: Too Faced

  1. briannafee
    April 28, 2014

    These brushes will be in my post for Thursday!! I want those bad boys! Congrats on the win 🙂

  2. jasmincharlotte
    April 28, 2014

    The brushes look nice! I’m also a total newbie to bronzer… one day I will figure out how to use rather than looking like I just put brown stripes on my face! 🙂

    • blushingbiddies
      April 28, 2014

      LOL I know the feeling! I get in the habit of hording my stuff, which is really bad! I just need to practice every day. Practice makes perfect!

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