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April Favs, Rage, and Craves

You know the drill, here’s my version of a wrap-up for the month! Let’s dive (or hop, hehe) in!

  • Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask: My face has been a little on the fritz lately, so I’ve been going back and forth between this mask and the clay. I think of all the Michael Todd products I’ve tried, this is my favorite one. It’s moisturizing, but also very clarifying. I tend to leave this one for approximately 20-30 minutes, and I can immediately see a more smooth, radiant, clear complexion.
  • Acure Organics Body Lotion Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion: My favorite cruelty free body lotion! I just wrote a post about my First Acure Organics products here, and this was definitely the product that shined the brightest. It sinks into the skin so quickly, and leaves it feeling in perfect condition. It really helped my dry legs from the winter heal up in no time flat!
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush: When I first got this brush, I actually wasn’t the biggest fan. After some time with it though, I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it, and it’s easily become my go-to brush. The synthetic bristels evenly distributes blush over the cheeks with an almost airbrushed quality. I also like to use it to help buff out any harsh lines anywhere else on my face. Let’s just say, I’m not the best with trying to contour my face yet ^^;
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation and Kabuki Brush: I’ve been ignoring my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (8/14 update: Bourjois is not cruelty free), all because Tarte’s powder is just blowing my mind. Even for a powder foundation, application is a breeze, and it doesn’t make any dry patches from acne scarring stand out. It truly feels like nothing is on the face, which is the best feeling, right? I was using it so much that I noticed I didn’t have the right color, so I immediately sought out the appropriate one and purchased it on the spot. That’s when you know you love a product ❤
  • Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream: I’ve been testing out some other eye creams, but nothing works as well as this. It’s not too heavy, not is it too light- but you definitely can feel the product still on your eye area in the morning. I tend to just use this overnight, but I’ve read people using it 2x a day.
  • Orly Sec n’ Dry topcoat: Finally, I can paint my nails and not smudge them up before they’ve dried! This is my newest HG product, I use it for every manicure now. ❤
  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Powder: Instead of my old’ Moroccan clay powder I used to buy, I’ve moved on to this stuff, and it is absolutely fantastic. I still mix it with my 50/50 mix of water & apple cider vinegar, and let it set on my face for about 30 minutes tops. I always use this at night, and afterwards moisturize lightly with an oil. The next morning, my face always seems soo much better. Can’t recommend this enough.
  • Oh yeah, the BG for the favs is actually a shirt I own! It’s my go-to shirt for Easter, I’ve had it for about 6 years? Hehehe, the print is so adorable, I can’t get over it! X3

Next up is my monthly Rage, which is more of a personal rant. I really hate when I slur my words! It’s been happening a ton lately, and has been very noticeable since I got my new job in retail. I truly love talking to everyone, not just to “make the sale”, but because I just like interacting with people. Maybe that’s why I started this blog too? However you won’t see me slur, rather just make horrible grammar mistakes and spelling errors ^^;. The whole thing is really frustrating though, and I think I might actually try to practice reading out loud to alleviate this problem! I haven’t really researched solutions, but I’m thinking of reading a few pages of a book out loud each day. If you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to read them in the comments! ❤

To end on somewhat of a “flop”, my Crave list for May is…. nonexistent. Not because I’ve fulfilled all my craves- instead I’m actually hoping to take up the challenge of No Money Month. Yeup, you read right, it’s gonna be No Money May for April *ba-dump pshhhh*. I really went a little wild in March for my birthday, and continued the trend in April. The only way I’ll make an exception for this is if I need something for skincare. Like hell I’m going to let my face go to “BLEH!”, I do not have enough confidence for that! Seriously though, I have plenty of makeup, enough to continue writing interesting posts for May, and possibly into June! We’ll see how long I can go without buying any makeup, especially since I’ve made quite the stable collection for myself.

Thanks again for staying with these long posts till the end! A little off topic, but are you guys excited for Sailor Moon Crystal?! If you didn’t know, the series is getting rebooted again, supposedly more closely tied to how the manga/comic was written. They JUST released character designs to give us a feel for the art style (again, more like the manga- I’m on board!), but no clips as of yet >0< It will start July 5th, and 2 episodes will air a month (the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month). I. CAN”T. WAIT!!!! Here’s a link to the concept art that was just released. Are you a Sailor Moon fan too? Let me know who’s your favorite Sailor Senshi! I have a tie, between Jupiter and Neptune ❤ Until next time!




2 comments on “April Favs, Rage, and Craves

  1. I’m intrigued by the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Powder, I’ve read about it a few times but never used it myself. I haven’t tried that Antipodes eye cream but I do have quite a few of their products and generally do enjoy them, especially their Vanilla Pod cream and Aura honey mask. Real Techniques are my favourite brush brand – almost everything I’ve tried from them has been a hit, the blush brush included 🙂

    • blushingbiddies
      May 4, 2014

      I’m a big fan of DIY red clay powder masks, they’re definitely a lot stronger then what I used to get in the bottles. Plus, apple-cider vinegar works really well on my skin, so incorporating that in a mask is just perfect for me. I used to use the NOW Solutions Moroccan Red clay powder, but when I ran out the Aztec brand is what I found first. It’ll definitely last me a while (I’m guesstimating 4 months at least).
      The eye cream is just so nourishing, but not insanely heavy or pore-clogging. I also have the Manuka honey mask, I really love the Antipodes line. Have you tried any of their makeup they just came out with?
      I’m right there with you on the brushes, so happy with them ❤ I've only tried the bigger face brushes, I haven't tested out any of the eye ones yet. Very curious, as I'm playing around more with eyeshadow looks.
      Thanks soo much for the comment 😀

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