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My Deborah Lippmann collection

Whenever I hear of Deborah Lippmann, I immediately think of glitter. Sure, the line has a ton of other beautiful formulas, but I think their glitter is one of the best. They currently have 25 different colors in their glitter line (2 being limited edition), and I got my hands on 3. I don’t know about you… but looking at my selection… was I trying to collect primary-like colors?

going from L to R…

  • First, and probably my favorite in the bunch, is Across the Universe. I consider this my Pisces-birthday shade, and I can’t get enough of it. I think this is going to be my go-to-summer-glitter. Who doesn’t want the image of a glimmering ocean on their nails?
  • Next is Ruby Red Slippers. This was the first Deborah Lippmann polish I ever purchased, back in February when I noticed it in the sale section at Anthropologie. At 75% off, I felt like Zoidberg, wanting to take at least 8! Please tell me Futurama fans got that reference. The embarrassing point to mention though is… as I type this post, I haven’t actually painted this on my nails yet! I really need to remedy this problem ASAP.
  • Last up is Cleopatra in New York. I first saw this polish when Vivianna Does Makeup did a blog post about it, and I was smitten. I was going to buy this polish for my birthday, but went for Across the Universe instead. But surprise surprise, my husband actually got this for me himself! Another fail on my part though, as I’ve yet to swipe this beautiful gold glitter in a black base on my nails. I’m waiting for a fun night out to rock this color. but after taking these pictures I’m really itching to swipe it on sooner! Maybe I’ll try this on tonight!

oh no, they fell! XD

Do you have any Deborah Lippmann polishes? Or better yet, what’s your favorite glitter polish? It’s all about the results, not the price tag, and I’d love to save some money if you have any recommendations 😀



2 comments on “My Deborah Lippmann collection

  1. jasmincharlotte
    May 14, 2014

    These are super pretty! That brand is a pain to get here in the uk I find. I really love the Gosh glitter and liquid sand nail polishes – they last so long!

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