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Deborah Lippmann: Cleopatra in New York

After my latest post about my Deborah Lippmann collection, it kicked my butt into gear about painting this wonderful polish on my nails. Seriously, having a polish for almost 2 months and not using it is just down-right sad. Let’s not address the fact that Ruby Red Slippers has been in my possession for a bit longer as well, and I haven’t used it yet….^^;; This is the polish that seemed to launch a thousand beauty bloggers into a craze, and the contagious nature was hard to resist. I mean, just look at it! A beautiful mix of different sized gold glitter pieces in a black jelly base. Just a heads up- I don’t think the base is ever meant to come off as 100% fully opaque. I painted 3 coats on, and I would say the black is at about 80% opacity. At first I thought it was a fail, but there is something beautiful about it not ever reaching that intense black. If it did, it might come off as too intense of a manicure.

don’t mind the chipped index nail ^^;;

I ended up doing two coats of topcoat to get a smooth, shiny look. Trust me, you don’t want to go matte with this, you’ll want as much shine as you can get. Here’s a tip: if you like doing glitter manicures, I would suggest using Orly’s Bonder basecoat underneath. It does help prevent chipping, and instead of the painful procedure of removing glitter nail polish that we’ve come to know, you can get away with peeling the polish off! Such a life-saver for me. I wouldn’t suggest doing this ALL the time, as your nail underneath gets a little scratched up. Just be sure to follow the removal with a good nail filing (I like the mini-brick you can get from The Body Shop), and some cuticle wax.

forgot to post what cuticle wax I like: It’s Burt’s Bee’s lemon butter cuticle cream.

Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York- $20 USD at Sephora

Orly polishes $7.99 USD at Sally Beauty Supply

Nail Cube $5 USD at The Body Shop



One comment on “Deborah Lippmann: Cleopatra in New York

  1. Sarah
    May 18, 2014

    This colour is incredible! Really enjoying reading your blog 🙂 xxx

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