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Bite Beauty Best Bite Set

An oldie but a goodie, I revisited one of my Holiday 2013 purchases from a haul at Sephora, The Best Bite Set from Bite Beauty. It was a holiday exclusive set, 4 mini high pigment pencils in a tin case that included a mirror. Don’t fret though- all the colors shown here are in their permanent line! I love the concept behind this gift- you get 4 truly different colors (which probably helps you step out of your comfort zone), and the case is perfect so that the color you choose to take with you doesn’t pop open in your purse and make a mess. Let’s take a look at each color:

Madeira- a nude pink

Rhubarb- a plum rose

Quince- a rose berry (a little neon-y in this photo)

Cranberry- a deep red (and kiiissseesss *:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*: )

I keep thinking I have one favorite in this kit, but I really love them all! They each bring something unique to the table, as I don’t have many colors like these in my current lip collection. Madeira is a nude that actually works on my skin tone, and would be great for either a no-makeup makeup look, or paired with a bold smokey eye. Rhubarb is the closest color to a MLBB, and is simple enough to be worn as an everyday color. Quince is definitely the most “youthful” and exciting color of the bunch- its a “go-big-or-go-home” statement color. And Cranberry is a perfectly balanced deep red, there for you when you need a vampy look. The only thing I’d like to caution you about is in regards to Quince and Cranberry- you have to be VERY CAREFUL with application! I quickly grabbed my Real Techniques lip brush after the initial first swipes on my lips, and tried to trace a smooth edge around my lip lines. You may nitpick on the photo swatches above… I think I did a semi-decent job? I’ll practice more for when I wear these colors out of the apartment. I wore Cranberry to a friend’s wedding last year, and it really wasn’t too much of a hassel. Not even any bleeding or anything. And I’d like to add that I had this color on during one of the most crazy-drunken night of my life… and I didn’t look like a hot mess! If that doesn’t convince you, I dunno what will.

I think I’m slowly moving out of my pencil/crayon phase, but I’m really glad I got my hands on these. Have you tried Bite Beauty’s high pigment pencils? Any favorite colors?

Full-sized High Pigment Pencils- $24 each at Sephora




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