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The joys of Manuka Honey

I never thought there’d be a day where I’d say, “Yeah, I wash my face with honey, it’s great!”. Never say never, right? After some suggestions from a few natural beauty YouTube ladies, I thought I’d give Manuka Honey a try. Why not just normal honey? Well, first things first- the honey you get from the grocery store is most likely pasteurized, which means all of it’s natural properties have been “killed off” with heat. Also, Manuka honey is a specific type of honey that comes from the Manuka tree in New Zealand, or as we’re more familiar with- the Tea Tree. If you haven’t heard, Tea Tree is a very common ingredient in skin care aimed towards acne prone skin. So just think: tea tree + the original antiseptic properties unpasteurized honey = a match made in heaven!

Interested in what the “active 16+” means on the bottle above? In short, the number refers to the antibacterial levels of the honey. There are a lot of varying factors in making a potent batch of Manuka honey, which can vary anywhere from 1-30. If you’re aiming for skincare, anything below 10 isn’t considered super effective. You best bet is to stay in between the 10-18 range (where anything above 10 is usually paired with the term ‘active’).

So what all can you use Manuka Honey for? You actually have a few options to choose from:

  • – washing your face
  • – applying as a facial mask
  • – treating burns
  • – ingested to help both sore throats along with clearing the digestive tract

I’ve used Manuka honey for all four uses, and I’ve been very pleased! One day, I burnt my finger while cooking and slathered honey all over it after initially icing the area. There was no feeling of pain, and I wasn’t left with any blister, sensitivity, or scarring. I’ve also added Manuka honey to my tea while I’ve been sick, which especially helped my sore throat. Plus, I usually wash my face with it 2-3 times a week in the morning (you really shouldn’t need a very abrasive facial wash in the morning if you did a lot during your PM routine), and I’ll leave it on my face longer if I’m dealing with some bad acne. I don’t believe this stuff helps with acne scaring, but it makes my skin so insanely smooth! It definitely is a weird process to get used to though, but worth it!

I picked my Manuka Honey up from Amazon, but I’ve also seen it carried at my local Whole Foods. Have you ever tried it? Just be careful not to feed this to babies, as their immune systems might not be strong enough to combat bacteria spores. I know that sounds scary, but it really is only a concern for babies!




3 comments on “The joys of Manuka Honey

  1. My favorite face mask ever, the La Bella Figura Bio Active Purifying Mask, is made with manuka honey and it does WONDERS for my acne-prone skin. I have been meaning to try manuka honey on its own- my friend Marissa from BeauTeaBar told me to try getting manuka honey with a rating of 15 or higher. I didn’t realize it was available on Amazon! I’ll have to get it.

    • blushingbiddies
      June 4, 2014

      I first heard of Manuka Honey from the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask (a holy grail item for me, love love- especially as an overnight mask <3). I think straight-up Manuka Honey is pretty great too, highly recommend it! 😀

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