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NOTDs: keepin’ up with the warm-tones

Two posts in one day, whuuuuuutt? Yes, it’s happening! I realized my original post was lacking in the nail department, and then looked down at what I’m currently wearing. How serendipitous, right? Orly’s Risque Encounter leans towards a red-orange. This color was painted on with 3 coats, but I still could see the natural nail line slightly. Not a bad thing, just something to give you all a heads up on. The color is fantastic, I had absolutely no problem with any streaking.

Thinking back to other colors I’ve painted recently, I remembered my Wet n Wild Megalast polish in Club Havana– a beautiful, bright pop of orange. The formula was perfect with 2 coats- and the application was soo easy! The brush is a perfect thickness that you can apply color with an easy 3-swipes. I originally posted this on my Twitter account, @blushingbiddies, and I was surprised how popular this tweet became! And really, at $1.89 a pop, you can easily buy all the color of the rainbow without breaking the bank.

On a sidenote: sorry I’ve been slacking on nail-posts here on the blog! I usually just post NOTD pics on my Twitter account, because I’m too lazy to try and take a super-nice-photo for the blog. Just keepin’ it real! ^^;;;;;


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