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Orange you happy it’s June?

As we step into June, one can’t ignore the warmer color tones available in the cosmetic world. Inspired by a warm, sunny day here in Seattle, I rummaged around in my makeup stash to see what colors I could find that would fit-the-bill. Go figure, everything revolved around the color orange!

Going from L to R, I first pulled out my Lumi Lux Eyeshadow Palette from Pixi. Totaling 20 shades, the right side of the palette is all warm colors, where the left side is all pink/cool tones. While the quality is just okay, it houses a few colors I don’t have in any other shadow palettes and singles. I’m hoping to keep this out from it’s usual storage space so I can try to work it into a few summer looks. Next up (top center) is my newest addition to my makeup collection, the Josie Maran Cheek Gelee in Coral Oasis. When I first unscrewed the lid from it’s pot, I was taken aback to how bright and vibrant the product appears! Don’t fret though, this is a very sheer wash of color, and you can build up to the level of color you’re comfortable with. The color is a true orange, and I’m surprised how flattering it looks on my skin tone. I would highly recommend swatching this at Sephora on your cheeks, it’s such a perfect color for summer. Next up are three different warm-tone lipsticks, which I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone within the range. Starting at the top is my latest lipstick obsession, The Body Shop’s Color Crush Shine in 18. A very sheer wash of color, it looks like a hybrid between coral and peachy-pink. Plus, bonus points for no glitter, huzzah! If you’re ready to jump to the more extreme side of color, Nyx’s Butter Lipstick in Hot Tamale has you covered. This is the closet thing I have in my collection to a straight-up orange, and I love it! For a newbie like me though, I usually don’t wear it fully opaque- I’ll do a couple light swipes across my lips, and blend it all in with the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush for a smooth finish. If orange is too much for you, you can opt out for a red that leans a little on the orange-warm side, like the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 10-Rouge Buzz (8/14 update- Bourjois is not cruelty free). It’s still a very strong pop of color, but may be a more comfortable option to wear if orange still isn’t your thing. The formula on this lipstick is pretty fantastic- rich and creamy, and it will leave a decent stain on your lips once the initial product wears off.

shadows on the R (in order of the palette), along with the L side starting on top with the cheek gelee, and going down with the lipsticks (18, Hot Tamale, and Rouge Buzz)

Are you ready to lean towards warm this summer? I’d love to hear your go-t0 products!


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