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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

can you see my reflection? heeheee XD

I decided to do another brand-focus week! So if you haven’t guessed it by now, my focus will be on products from The Body Shop. This company started off in England, and has taken the world by storm, now available in 61 countries! One fact I want to give you readers a heads up on though is that the company was purchased by L’oreal in 2006, which is more well-known as a non-cruelty free brand. Yet The Body Shop has held firm in their values, and are certified by Cruelty Free International (ever see the commercials with Peter Dinklage, or Ricky Gervais? That’s the company they’re supporting). Not only that, but The Body Shop also sources many of their ingredients through the Community Fair Trade program, and has even created an ECOCERT skincare line. With such fantastic ethical values, I’m happy to shop in their selection. Plus, they always seem to have some sort of sale going, which never hurts either!

Let’s bring it back and focus on the product at hand though, the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder. I received this product from Brianna from Cruelty Free Me when we did a beauty exchange, and I’m so thrilled that she introduced me to this! I received the lightest color, 01, and it’s pretty much a fool-proof bronzer. I’m pretty new to bronzing and contouring, and this is the perfect stepping stone to getting me to try out a new addition to my makeup routine. Since it’s soo light, I can use a big fluffy brush for application, so I grab my powder brush from the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair kit. I’ll usually dab my brush in the product, and then pinch the brushes a little bit for my initial application under my cheekbones (in my attempt to contour). Then I’ll release the bristles and blend over to make sure everything looks smooth. Next, I’ll grab some more powder and run it along my jawline, neck, temples, and hairline. It’s a very subtle color for me, but I’m really growing fond of how it looks!

the LIGHTEST of light bronzers!

If you’re the palest of pale skinned, or are just new to adding a contour all over, I highly recommend this powder! I forgot to mention that this powder is matte, completely free of any shimmer or sparkle. Even if you’re a pro, The Body Shop has 4 shades in total, so there is definitely something for everyone. Just keep your eyes peeled for those sales, right? Usually they’re “Buy 3 get 2 free” promo- I bet I’ll be able to help you out with a decent list once the week is over! Stay tuned! ❤

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder “01”-$20 USD at The Body Shop


4 comments on “The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

  1. briannafee
    June 9, 2014

    yay! So happy you like this bronzer! It’s so fool proof 🙂

  2. Emy Will
    June 9, 2014

    Unfortunately The Body Shop items still contain animal products such as bovine gelatine. As a vegan I obviously can’t use these products. As long as the gelatine is “humanely” sourced, The Body Shop has no issue in using it.They have never claimed to be vegan or vegetarian so are not being dishonest. Please check it out, as I may be wrong but I think their bath oils are in gelatine capsules. It is so important for us to know, as we do not all have time to check. Thanks for your commitment is this ❤

    • blushingbiddies
      June 9, 2014

      Thanks for the heads up Emily! I know there is a huge difference from being cruelty free to being vegan, and I’m glad you pointed that out here!

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