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Kiss My Face- Face Factor SPF30 Face and Neck sunscreen

One product I purchased in my search for the perfect face lotion with SPF was Kiss My Face- Face Factor SPF30 Face and Neck. I never tried anything from this brand, but after some extensive searching on Amazon, this specific product came up with glowing reviews and I thought I’d give it a shot. Fragrance free (although that “sunscreen” scent is still there), waterproof, and free of parabans/SLS/phthalates, I was hopeful that this could be my new holy grail lotion for the daytime. My old love from Apivita was fantastic, but they’ve reformulated their day lotion and the brand is just a little harder for me to get my hands on now in the US. Unfortunately for me, it just wasn’t meant to be! After applying, there was a slight white cast on my skin, as some sunscreens tend to do. Plus, it did feel a little heavy on my skin. Then, after just a couple days of wearing this my skin broke out rather aggressively, and in places I usually don’t have acne. The problem was either the SPF didn’t agree with my skin or I wasn’t washing it off efficiently enough. Regardless of the reason, I stopped using this after just 3 days, and my skin seemed to calm back down quickly. No worries though, I’m still trying to use this product! On days when I’m actually smart and remember, I try to place a little of this on the back of my hands and my neck. Aside from your face, the back of your hands is one of the first places you see signs of aging– I’d like to fight that off if possible!

Even though this isn’t a “glowing” review, I still wanted to share with you all because it just goes to show some products don’t work for everyone. Plus, I hope this is just a good reminder that you should wear SPF every day! Have you tried this particular product? Did you have a good experience? If not, what SPF do you use?

Kiss My Face SPF30 Face and Neck, $12.95 USD ((I’ve seen this at Whole Foods, as well as on Amazon))


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