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100% Pure Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub

Ready for a perk-me-up?

Recently I was able to visit the 100% Pure store in person, and I was like a kid in a candy shop. All of the items were in front of me, and I immediately went to all of the tester containers. One of the employees suggested trying out the body scrubs next to the sink they had in their store, which I happily accepted after swatching who-knows-how-many-makeup-products all over my arms and hands. At first I was confused as to what scrubs were testers and what was product, as there were soo many containers by the sink- at least 8 different tubs! The employee told me that they actually have 17 different scents total in their body scrub line. HOLY COW- That’s a lot of variety! It turns out their body scrubs are one of their most successful items, which peaked my interest even more. Within all the different scents, I noticed there was one called Cocoa Kona Coffee, and I was sold. I’ve been so curious about the effects of coffee/caffeine on the skin, as I’ve read left and right that it can help with stretch marks. Let’s be clear- I’m not saying coffee WILL rid you of stretch marks, but there have been a lot of different methods and claims to the whole thing.

From the 100% Pure site: “Delicious Cocoa Kona Coffee body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins. Organic rosehip and apricot oils deeply moisturize and nourish. Truly, 100% Pure- no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol or any other toxins.”

As for the ingredients (prepare to have your mind blown, this is REALLY impressive!): Organic Coffea Kona Bean (Kona Coffee)*, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate Seed Oil), Euterpe Oleracea Pulp (Acai) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Prunus Ameriaca Fruit (Apricot) Oil, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (Cacao Oil), Extracts of Theobroma Cacao Seed (Chocolate Extract), Theobroma Cacao Seed (Pure Chocolate Absolute), Corylus Americana Seed (Hazelnut Absolute), Calendula Officinalis Flower (Calendula), Opuntia Tuna Fruit (Prickly Pear), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Euterpe Oleracea Fruit (Acai Berry), Lycium Barbarum Fruit (Goji Berry), Morinda Citrifolia Fruit (Noni), Aristotelia Chilensis (Maqui Berry), Sambucus Canadensis (Elderberry), Rubus Fruticosus Fruit (Blackberry), Organic Rubus Idaeus Fruit (Raspberry)*, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed and Lonicera Caprifolium (Japanese Honeysuckle)* Certified Organic

spread out, for your viewing pleasure ^_^

When I first applied this on in the store, I immediately noticed that the granules are very large. This is absolutely not something you want to scrub on your face, as the pieces would be way too abrasive. It’s marketed as a body scrub, so I tried being as observant as possible as to how it felt in my hands. I don’t know about you, but with some body scrubs I feel as if my hands are completely torn up after using the product all over my body. This is just on the cusp of possibly being too abbrasive for me, mainly due to my hands having more sensitive skin (To give you some insight, I can’t use LUSH solid soaps on my hands or body because it’s too drying. The same thing goes for Bath and Body Work’s liquid hand soaps too- my skin just can’t handle the formula very well). As long as I don’t go buck-wild trying to scrub this into my skin, I’m okay. Once I finished gently rubbing this over my hands and the inner part of my forearms, I rinsed off and immediately was in heaven. First off, the scent is amazing! They managed to balance the combination of coffee and chocolate perfectly. Neither one over-powered the other, nor did the fragrance in general lead to any sort of headache. Even when I used this at home over my body, it was more of a pleasant scent-treat in the shower rather than an option to opt-out for perfume afterwards. Also the feel of my skin afterwards was almost too good to be true! The variety of oils found in the scrub penetrate the skin and absorb quickly, so much so that I didn’t need a moisturizer afterwards. Seriously, re-read the ingredients list! They use high quality oils instead of the common “fillers” that just sit on top of the skin- super impressed. My skin felt hydrated, smooth, and supple. After having such a great reaction in the store, I was excited to try this at home. I used this over my legs, bum, hips, stomach, and “muffin-top” area- nothing was too abrasive (although my hands were feeling a bit worn-for-wear after scrubbing all those places), and there was no negative reaction. When I stepped out of the shower, I skipped the moisturizer and felt sufficiently moisturized as well. One point worth mentioning though is that although the dark formula isn’t enough to stain your shower, I did notice random splotches of the scrub all over my shower. It rinsed away easily, but I just had to be mindful to check the area before turning the water off in case I missed any spots.

I absolutely would recommend this product to everyone and anyone. The extensive range of scents combined with the high quality ingredients and efficiency of the scrub make this a 9/10 body care product for me. Dare I say… even better then my coveted LUSH products *gasp!*. The only reason why it looses a point in my book is due to the container sizes. These scrubs only come in 1 size, 17 fl oz, which actually is a rather hefty container! I wish there were more mini/travel sizes, not just for the carrying convenience but also for the option to let customers try a variety of scents instead of just committing to one. I’ll keep my eyes peeled if this changes in the future, but for now I’ll just have to play a lot at the store and get a better handle on what are my favorite scents.

100% Pure Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub, $28 USD for a 17 fl oz. tub, at ||| ||| |||



5 comments on “100% Pure Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub

  1. floresypaz
    August 1, 2014

    I bet it smells delicious!

  2. CrueltyFreeConfidence
    August 1, 2014

    Oh that sounds amazing! Two of my favorite smells, coffee and chocolate 🙂 You’re going to turn me into a 100% Pure believer by the end of all of your reviews! I’m really glad yet another one of their products works so well. I really wish they had a store near me! Online shopping will have to do for now. I hope I can buy something from them soon! What a wonderful review, as always 🙂

  3. andypuskar
    August 1, 2014

    Awesome post! Never heard of this brand but need to check them out!

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