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100% Pure Cruelty Free Contour Brush #5

Two posts in one day, that’s crazy! Well, I wanted to get all my 100% Pure products covered in one week, so I decided to balance out today’s initial bad post with one that’s more positive. I felt like I was taking a risk with purchasing a brush from a company that doesn’t focus on brushes, but the risk was worth it! The #5 Contour Brush is one I don’t feel like I have in my collection, and hopefully will improve my eyeshadow-game.

straight on

on it’s side

The handle is a wooden brush with a white-paint finish, and the antibacterial synthetic bristles are held together in a metal ferrule. I’m really surprised with how soft the bristles are, they feel fantastic when brushed against the crease. As you can see from the close-up pictures above, there is a slightly tapered point, and it is narrower on one side. I think with the cut and shape of the brush, it’s perfect to initial apply shadow with one side, then turn to blend the color out. I never played around with any of the MAC brushes, but I think this MAY be a cruelty-free dupe for the infamous MAC 217. *throws down the mic* *walks away*

Puri, OUT!

100% Pure has 10 face makeup brushes total, which I’m definitely curious in trying more! Especially with the reasonable prices. I can’t wait to visit the store again, so I can really analyze the brush options and see what’s missing in my collection.

100% Pure Cruelty Free Contour Brush #5, $15 USD at ||| ||| |||


6 comments on “100% Pure Cruelty Free Contour Brush #5

  1. carolinecocker
    August 3, 2014

    NO WAY. A mac 217 dupe? Be still my beating heart. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

    • blushingbiddies
      August 3, 2014

      I FULLY admit that I’m saying this without ever touching a 217…..LOL. I need to get to a MAC counter!

      • carolinecocker
        August 3, 2014

        I’ll blindly trust you because I’ve never touched one either. I’M STILL EXCITED THOUGH!x

      • blushingbiddies
        August 3, 2014

        YAY!! *\(^o^)/*

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  3. Maynard
    November 4, 2015

    Hay muchhas y variadas estrategias de defensa para Clash of Clans pero ninguuno se compara a estar simplemente conectado.

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