Blushing Biddies

A look into beauty, that doesn't harm our furry friends

Mani Round-Up #1

self-explanatory shot: Julep “Nan” and a F21 glitter on the accent nail

Orange is Wet n’ Wild’s “Club Havana”, Blue is Milani “Dude Blue” (also I don’t consider Milani CF anymore, just using it here and there)

Oh goodness, this is really a mix of everything in my collection…^^;;

Wet n Wild’s “Club Havana” again

Green is Julep’s “Courteney”, Pink accent is Topshop’s “Candy Fox”

NCLA “Let’s Stay Forever”

Yay, you made it to the end! I realized that even though I paint my nails a lot, I don’t post many pictures on the blog. Instead, I take quick photos with my phone and put them on my Twitter account, @BlushingBiddies, because I’m super lazy like that. To help get a little exposure on both fronts, I’ll still post as usual on Twitter, but I’ll do a monthly round-up here on the blog. These photos might be older than just the month of July, but we’re just trying to get caught up here ^_^. Any polishes you’re loving lately?


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