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Ilia Beauty in “Bang Bang”

Next up in this week’s brand focus of Ilia Beauty is another Tinted Lip Conditioner, this time in the shade “Bang Bang”. Now I’m gonna keep it real with you all, I actually just bought this one because of the name. But April…. “bang bang”? Do you like guns or something? Well, I’m all sort of muscular (*ppffffffffft!!* sarcasm at it’s best…), but no I’m not a big gun fan. Actually, my husband and I really like a show called Comedy Bang Bang. Ahh, Reggie, you’ll always have my heart, with that big ol’ fluffy hair of yours ❤

Anywho, when I was placing my first order with the brand I wanted to try two of their tinted lip conditioners. I picked Blossom Lady and I let my husband pick the other color, which was no hard task for him. Again, not because he loved a red lip on me, but he just loved the name. I don’t blame him… I just purchased a bunch of indie eyeshadows based of video games. Two birds of a feather, right? BUT I KEEP DIGRESSING-

The bullet itself looks like a very ‘true red’, but applied on it leans ever-so-slightly towards the warmer side of the spectrum. I think this would be a perfect intro color to anyone who wants to gain the confidence in wearing a bold red lip. The only beef I have with this product is that it isn’t everything I’ve grown to love and adore with Blossom Lady– Bang Bang doesn’t provide that fool-proof application, as it tends to show off your lips imperfections a bit.

In this swatch I managed to get an even color distributed, but in the past I’ve had it apply rather unevenly. Plus, my bullet seemed to be just slightly more ‘slick’, which creates a shorter color-wear for me. Lastly, I feel like my chapped lips are more noticeable in this shade, which I think is because of the color. If you get your lips primed and ready, I think ‘Bang Bang’ would look great on the lips. Just be careful for how long it will last, you’ll definitely need to keep this on you for touch-ups down the road.

Ilia Beauty tinted lip conditioner in “Bang Bang”, $26 USD at spirit beauty lounge/ eco diva beauty/ beautylish


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