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Ilia Beauty lipstick in “In My Room”

We’re moving on from the tinted lip conditioners and on to the real deal, LIPSTICK! Ilia Beauty has 9 different colors in their current collection, and I got my hands on “In My Room”. The description from the website sounded soo perfect, a muted pink-brown. The swatch color was perfection too (check it out here).

Uhm- excuse me, that’s STRAIGHT UP PINK. I see no muted-ness in this color, let alone any hints of brown. *sigh* Instead of sending it back, I decided to give this color chance, as I really have no color like this in my collection. But oh, the formula. I don’t think their lipsticks are usually like this, but mine is so flippin’ ROUGH. There is no sense of creaminess in this bullet, rather it’s very hard. On the plus side, it does build up to a decent opaqueness, and because of it’s “hard” formula, it tends to last relatively longer on the lips. You’d think with this description it would be a matte lipstick, yeesh!

**!! This swatch came across rather dark and red, but think of this as a true medium-Barbie pink

rather blurry, my apologies! T-T

Apologies, but yes, this isn’t looking so great, is it? Just like Bang Bang , ‘In My Room’ isn’t very forgiving on lips that aren’t primed and perfect. The color is pretty though. This would be great in the winter months to bring some subtle color to your face with that snow-bunny look, as well as in spring for all the neutral looks you can think of. Truth be told, you can probably find better lipsticks than this, and I would not recommend it. *gasp!* Yes, a beauty blogger just kinda ‘dissed’ a product, but this really was a let-down on soo many levels. The only things ‘In My Room’ has going for it in my book is that it’s cruelty free and it’s a color that’s not currently in my collection.

Ilia Beauty lipstick in “In My Room”, $26 USD at spirit beauty lounge/ eco diva beauty/ beautylish



2 comments on “Ilia Beauty lipstick in “In My Room”

  1. acasualbeauty
    September 25, 2014

    Definitely doesn’t look like a muted color in the tube haha

    • blushingbiddies
      September 25, 2014

      Right?! Even if my camera is a little off, this is nowhere near the swatch color they had. >0<

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