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Ilia Beauty lip gloss in “Peek A Boo”

picture look familiar? I re-used one from an earlier post, hehe!

The last product for this week’s brand focus is the first one I brought from the line, Ilia Beauty’s lip gloss in ‘Peek A Boo’. One of my earlier blog posts was about pairing this gloss with other colors to mute them down, you can check it out here. Yet I forgot to mention how pretty this color is alone! It’s a true nude, not too brown and not too pink, just that perfect light neutral color. It doesn’t just have that going for it though- the feeling of this gloss on your lips is like no other gloss I’ve felt before. It’s “buttery”, with a comfortable amount of slick but absolutely NO stickiness! It also doesn’t have that slight heft/heavy feeling other lip glosses seem to have when worn, which makes it easy for me to forget I’m even wearing it!

Granted that without that sticky grip on your lips, this color doesn’t last as long, but I feel like I’ve barely made a dent with my container. Also I think it’s worth mentioning that I took this photo after I swatched my lips with In My Room , and you can see how awfully flaky my lower lip was there. Look at how good my lips look in this one in comparison- thank you ‘Peek A Boo’ for hiding all my lip faults! ^_^ This is my second favorite Ilia Beauty product I own, and I’m very curious to try more lip glosses from them. They have 7 in total, and I’ve really got my eyes on ‘Back To Life’ and ‘Love Buzz’. Do you own any lip glosses from Ilia Beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts! ❤

Also, that brings an end to this week’s brand focus. Do you have any specific brands you’d like for me to focus on next? I might have a decent amount in my collection, just let me know your thoughts!

Ilia Beauty lip gloss in “Peek A Boo”, $24 USD at spirit beauty lounge/ eco diva beauty/ beautylish


One comment on “Ilia Beauty lip gloss in “Peek A Boo”

  1. JAB
    December 26, 2014

    Please forgive me for saying this, but you need to trim your mustasch! I use a nose hair trimmer to remove my own as I’m afraid it might grow out thicker and darker if I wax it.

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