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Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glacé and Cognac

It’s no secret that Bite Beauty is one of my favorite beauty brands- and that’s saying something since they only make lip products. I’ve ranted and raved about their lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip treatments, but today let me tell you about their Matte Creme Lip Crayons. Oh lordie, these are pretty flippin’ fantastic. A matte formula that’s long-lasting, doesn’t feel heavy or drying, and comes in 12 different shades, what’s not to love? Okay, the packaging is slightly-awkwardly-long, and you don’t get as much product as the High Pigment Pencils (.05oz vs .09oz), but the Matte Creme Lip Crayons claim to be waterproof which means less product used in the long-run. I’ve actually been able to sip drinks while wearing these with very little fading, and only need one or two swipes to apply on in the first place.

The two colors I picked up are Glacé and Cognac, and I really am enjoying both, but for different reasons. Let’s break them down:



First up is Glacé– it’s a very safe color for the season along with my skintone, and it’s a breeze to apply. Described as “a dusty mauve“, I love wearing this color when I don’t want to carry the bullet on me and need to go out to run errands. Since the formula is long lasting and “waterproof” (from the Sephora site, “The secret is the moisture-locking power of orange peel wax along with the antioxidant properties of resveratrol. The colors are water-resistant, and long wearing.”), I can sip on water as I go about my day. They’re not too bad through a meal either, but I always come prepared for occasions like those. Even with the swatch above, my lips were not in tip-top shape, but I think the formula is pretty forgiving, which is pretty impressive for a matte.

Now let’s bee clear, Cognac is a straight up dark brown. I have NO IDEA why it keeps appearing slightly red in my photos. Is the color combo with my natural lips doing something? Is there some sort of witchcraft involved? Whatever it is, I applied Cognac fully and opaquely to my lips so you can get an idea of the color alone. Personally, I would not wear it like this though- I have no true browns in my collection, and I wanted to do some experiments by mixing other colors with it. For example:

This may not seem like a huge difference from Glace, but this swatch is of Cognac sheered out as a base, and then layered with Bite Beauty’s Luminous Crème Lipstick in Fig. I wanted a brown base color in my collection like Cognac just so I could play with different pairings and layers. I’ve read other people pairing a dark brown lip with a vampy red lip-gloss, I think that’s going to be next on my list.

I already have a few other shades on my wish-list. I’d highly recommend playing around with these in the Sephora store, I would be surprised if you walked away disappointed with these gems!

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Glacé” and “Cognac”, $24 USD at Sephora


7 comments on “Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glacé and Cognac

  1. One Lost Mama
    October 6, 2014

    I have this in Brandy and I love it! My husband actually noticed it and said he really liked it. Which is the first time that has happened in ten years of marriage 🙂

    • blushingbiddies
      October 7, 2014

      D’awwwwwww, gotta love it when the men notice the little things ❤ Brandy looks like a fab color!

      • One Lost Mama
        October 7, 2014

        Yes, I was stunned for minute, but managed to get out a thank you! 🙂

  2. Lindsay
    October 6, 2014

    oooo I love the layered look with fig! That’s my favorite. I always want to splurge at the Bite Beauty counter at Sephora, but then I can’t decide on a color! This was very helpful 🙂

    • blushingbiddies
      October 7, 2014

      Thanks soo much! I’m really glad I’m playing around with color, it’s just soo much fun. I hope you pick one up, they’re really awesome products ❤

  3. Marianna
    October 8, 2014

    These are so stunning! I’ve very tempted 🙂 However, I’m a little annoyed by their pricing: their lipsticks, high pigment pencils, and matte lip crayons are all priced at $24. However, the lipstick is 0.15 oz, the high pigment pencil is 0.09 oz, and the matte lip crayon is 0.05 oz. How is that even fair?!
    I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it though and still buy it anyway haha

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