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Halloween has landed at Lush!

It’s that time of year again- Halloween is creeping up on us, and Lush is ready to treat you with their new collection for 2014. With 6 items and a gift box, there’s pretty much something for everyone here. Personally I’d love to get my hands on the Sparkler bath bomb because it smells like Lush’s coveted ROSE JAM SCENT. *swoooon!* I also wish I could use the Fairy Ring bar soap, the soft subtle scent of jasmine and sweetness is beautiful. However, my hands are insanely sensitive to strong soaps and it just never works out in my favor with Lush. Regardless, I thought I’d just give you guys a little heads up on the products I saw when I visited my local store- all the info written in the “..” is directly from the Lush website, just so you don’t have to keep clicking back and forth. I do have a couple points to mention about certain products though, they’ll be in bold. Anywhoo, let’s get on with the show!

(ooooh, the blurriness….^^;;) Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Sparkly Pumpkin- Perfect for long, lingering soaks. $7.95

“At the end of a long day, pop this Sparkly Pumpkin into the bath. As you crumble its golden shimmeryness under running water, you’ll feel instantly re-energized. An uplifting blend of juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils will fill the room with an enticing, cocktail-like punch. And as you sink deep under the glittering gold water, you won’t be able to keep from smiling – probably because this little pumpkin is made to make every day bright.”

“This pumpkin shares its scent with our Mr. Punch soap from LUSH Christmases past. Lime and grapefruit oils give this Bubble Bar an uplifting scent. A gold shimmering exterior will leave you sparkling in and out of the bath.”

Honestly- I’m no fan of glitter. It’s “the herpes of craft supplies”, where once you touch it you can’t stop it from spreading all over your body. You’ve been warned.

Wizard Bubble Bar

Wizard- Banish stress with a crumble. $7.95

“As the weather casts a cold, frosty spell over us, there’s only one thing better than soaking in the bath: the Wizard. This handmade companion will help keep your spirits bright even on the darkest days. A crackle of popping candy, energizing tangerine oil, and juniperberry and fennel essential oils help balance the skin, while its warming and uplifting scent banishes stress and helps you recover from the day. It’s pure magic for your mind, body and soul.”

“If you loved our Jingle Spells Bath Bomb, the Wizard has the same mystical perfume. Grab this Bubble Bar now, because once it’s gone for Halloween, it’s gone.”

Cute, but look exactly like the Penguin bubble bars from last year’s holiday collection.

Sparkler Bath Bomb

Sparkler- Rose Jam-scented fireworks!. $6.95

“Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a spectacle this is! Sparkler was made to make bathtime as exciting as a night filled with fireworks. Handmade with popping candy, it’ll crackle in an explosion of color, moving around the tub and turning your water into a fiery, shimmering display! It also features one of our most popular fragrances: Rose Jam! Its delicate and floral aroma will fill the room and leave your skin kissed with its beautiful scent.”

“It’s your own private fireworks show with the pop and crackle of popping candy. If you love this scent, you’ll also love our Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. We made this one with a faster fizzing mix at either end to create a beautiful display in the bath.”

So I talked with an associate about these, and there are two points worth mentioning. One, they current formulation is EXTREMELY PRONE to breaking easily. They are actually working on fixing the formula, so I would hold off on buying these until after half the month has passed by. Two, the reason why the formula is off is bc the outside is supposed to fizz away slowly (thus making it not as strong), while the inside jets out glitter as it disintegrates faster. Thus, -Sparkler-.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Lord of Misrule- Strange and magnificent. $6.95

“Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule brings mischievous revelry to the tub with a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. As it slowly froths in the water, hypnotic swirling silver luster is released and the deep green exterior soon gives way to a rich, wine-colored center. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine begins flowing, the revelry really begins! Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes.”

“The crown design on Lord of Misrule was inspired by the one worn by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, where a lowly peasant became Lord for a day. This Bath Bomb features Fair Trade vanilla absolute; the world’s first! Although commonplace today, black pepper was incredibly expensive in Medieval Europe.”

Don’t be put-off by the note of black pepper, this actually is really nice! I used one up last year,  and was pretty pleased with it.

And a picture of all the items in the collection, since I spaced out and didn’t snap shots of Northern Lights or Fairy Ring (sooo cute!). The collection will stop after the 31st, so make sure to get your hands on anything you want if you’re longing for them. Let me know if you walked out with any of these goodies ❤



5 comments on “Halloween has landed at Lush!

  1. Kaitie
    October 12, 2014

    I jut got mine yesterday! So excited to use them!

  2. Marianna
    October 13, 2014

    I’m pretty bummed that this year it’s mostly bath bombs 😦 I’m sure they are great, and I’m a fan of LUSH bath products as much as any other beauty blogger, but I wish there was more diversity in these products. A shower gel? A pumpkin lip scrub? A limited edition lip balm? One year they had the most adorable pumpkin hand soap and a skull-shaped shower jelly…
    The Twilight shower gel better be back in this year’s holiday collection!

    • blushingbiddies
      October 13, 2014

      Agreed! I want more variety and novelty, c’mon Lush! I have my eyes on only 1 item for the Christmas line, is that sad? D:

      • Marianna
        October 15, 2014

        Wait, their Christmas line is announced already? I need to go look it up, Twilight shower gel better be there!

      • blushingbiddies
        October 15, 2014


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