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Blog Birthday Haul #4- Nars Audacious Lipsticks in Leslie

(I swear I’m almost done with the blog bday hauls! Just this and one more! ^^;;) Aside from picking up Anita and Jane from the Nars Audacious Lipstick line, I had to get my hands on one more color, and I went with Leslie. I went with this color for 2 reasons: one – I wanted to try a dark color from the line, and two – this color was an online exclusive color, and I wanted to get one online color to help you guys out at home!

Nars describes this color simply as “cherry-wood”, which kind of makes you rethink what cherry-wood looks like! When I think cherry-wood, I think of the rich, warm-toned red-orange-brown wood you can get for tables and guitars. Yes, guitars, because I have an acoustic guitar in this color, LOL. While I do think that the name is decent for the color, when you get right down to it it’s VERY hard to give a simple description for this color. When applied opaquely, it almost looks like a burgundy. When it’s in natural light, you can see more of a bright red-tone from it, leaning ever-so-slightly towards the warm side of the spectrum. I was curious and took a look around the internet to see what other beauty bloggers described this color as, and I was a little surprised to see not only the descriptions but the swatches they provided. For example, if you search this color on Temptalia’s website, the color absolutely looks a lot warmer. Am I just blind? I don’t even know any more you guys!

Oh lordie- look at ‘dem lips. Well, first off, I will admit this doesn’t look like the smoothest application ever. The outer line of my lips (top right) looks a litttttttle rough. Since the Audacious Lipsticks are so super pigmented, there is little room for error with the darker colors in the line. I only used the bullet to apply color on to my lips, but you can avoid looking like me if you went in with either a lip pencil before application or just cleaned up the edges with a lip brush. Even though the color is super opaque and rather long-wearing, I think using a lip pencil underneath would really seal things in perfectly.

I had to throw this picture in- this is what the lipstick looks like after SMOOCHES. Yes, smooches for beauty, I kiss my husband for all of you! Well, for me too, hurray! But you can see if you’re really going to try and press the pigment off your lips, it at least will give you a decent stain. I’d highly recommend carrying the bullet with you if you know you’re going to be eating/drinking/smooching, along with priming your lips before applying any color by either a clear lip pencil or one in a similar color.

Hope this post helps out if you’ve been curious about the Audacious line. I really cannot emphasize how great these feel on the lips considering the lasting power and the opaqueness. That along with how creamy it applies from the bullet, it’s just a big two thumbs up from this lady here. Let me know if you’ve tried any, or if you have any in your sights!

Nars Audacious Lipsticks in “Leslie”, $32; available only online at /



2 comments on “Blog Birthday Haul #4- Nars Audacious Lipsticks in Leslie

  1. xfang
    October 17, 2014

    This colour looks beautiful on you!

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